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Monday, October 31


News and Notes from the Weekend

After a wild weekend of traveling, which included missed flights by me and canceled flights by the airlines, I’m back. For those that are interested, the wedding was perhaps the best I’ve ever been to.

On to the notes:

Heismanpundit takes issue with Travis’s “Heisman Moment” post. As much as I’d like to agree with Travis, I think HP makes a good point. I’m not sure enough people saw the game, and I’m not sure that the first half struggles won’t be weighed in against VY.

Not to pile on my good friend Travis, whose contributions to this blog are invaluable, but Student Body Right makes an excellent counterargument as well. I think a lot of us have some vivid memories of Mr. Bush's runs against Notre Dame. I'm not sure I've EVER seen runs like some of those. Hey, we will pat ourselves on the back when we say something people like (or blast others when we think they're wrong), but we also try to point you the readers to other viewpoints, even when they contrast with our own.

consensus picks failed to get over .500 again, going 2-2-1. Thanks again to Andrew and Joe for making guest picks.

*USC’s defense is coming around—scary news for Trojan opponents. It’s not terribly surprising, as Pete Carroll has always been a good defensive coach. If their defense is making plays at the end of the year, it’s going to be awfully tough for anybody—Texas included—to beat them.

*Speaking of which, there cannot be any more lapses like the one that occurred in the first half versus Oklahoma State. The Texas roaring comeback was impressive, but it’s one thing to pound OSU after being down, and quite another to do so against a team like USC, or Virginia Tech.

*The first half slip against Oklahoma State also highlighted the other problem such games create for Texas: the potential erosion of human votes to USC and/or Virginia Tech. If Texas loses ground in the computers, they won’t be able to afford to lose ground in the human polls, too. Texas must impress in their remaining games to keep their place in the BCS title game.

*Teams that impressed me this week: USC, Virginia Tech, Ohio State.

*Teams that made me wonder: Texas, UCLA, Florida State, Miami.

*Speaking of Virginia Tech and Miami, there’s a pretty big game in Blacksburg this weekend. Based on what I’ve seen, Virginia Tech should be the favorite. Miami’s lack of a passing game may hurt them. Still, I expect the Canes to give the Hokies their stiffest test yet. Shit, their only test yet. Virginia Tech still hasn’t beaten an elite team. Here’s their chance.

Did anyone else notice the stiking similarities in the wins by Texas and Miami? Both teams struggled in the first half against teams they should dominate for both halves. Texas and Miami took a break at halftime, got yelled at by their coaches, especially on the defensive side, then came out and rolled. Texas 35-0 and Miami 27-0. There are not very many teams that can beat either Miami or Texas if they play like they did in the second half. If either team starts slow again, any top 40 team could beat them.
Vince's run was on Plays of the Week. Everyone sees those. And I didn't see any Reggie Bush highlights this week. Not one. Although I did see Snoop doing the Heisman pose wearing a LenDaleWhite jersey.
I think you're best point is that the race will come down to Bush's game against undefeated UCLA, which everyone will be watching. Should he, and USC, stumble there, VY can win it. Otherwise, I think the love for Bush is too strong. I'll be very happy to be wrong, of course.

Vince needs to obliterate A&M on Thanksgiving Friday, too.
Honestly the Heisman means very little to me this season, but I will say right now it is Reggie's to lose and with the Pac 10 run defenses he is about to face he will only increase his lead over VY.
Did anyone in Austin DVR the OSU game this weekend? I missed pretty much every big play (especially the 80ydr).
The Heisman finish should be an interesting one. I still beleive its Bush's Heisman to lose. If Young continues to play well, and he probably will, he might make a very good case. Its just unfortunate because Bush and Leinart have 3 ranked opponents left, including a matchup against undefeated UCLA to state their cases. So Bush can suck the next 2 games, but have a monster game against UCLA and close the book. For Young, if he doesn't play well it will hurt him alot, so there is no room for a bad game. It will be interesting though. Jo_Blo
We all know Bush wins the Heisman unless something drastic happens or Vince decides to go for 500 yards of offense each game the rest of the season. But to say that not enough people saw Vince's run is ridiculous. It was on every highlight show multiple times. I've seen it probably 10 times without even trying. And I'm watching ESPN right now almost 24 hours later and people are still talking about the sick numbers he put up last night. Travis is right, unless you actually watched the USC game, and I'm sure most voters did not, you wouldn't even know Bush played yesterday.
They should just wait to hand out the Heisman to whoever wins the Rose Bowl MVP this year.

Granted, it will probably be one of the Big 3, but to exclude such a major game as a factor for the Heisman would be a travesty of Detmer-like proportions.
I respect the praise given to USC and its improving defense. But we'll see how good they are and how far they've come if they can hold UCLA's high powered offense under 20 points.
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