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Sunday, October 30


The Perfect Storm

It was another scary first half for the Horns against Oklahoma State, as the stars aligned perfectly for the Cowboys and allowed them to open up another big first half lead. But like last year, the large deficit didn't hold, as Texas finished the game with a 38-0 run to win once more.

Still, it was a concerning game. The defense couldn't stop the run in the first half, and the offense was flat. It was partly Texas being bad, and partly Oklahoma State putting everything together for a half. From the great runs, to the Texas mistakes, to the crazy deflected touchdown catch, everything went the Cowboys way for a half. It looked like the perfect storm was gathering that could wipe out Texas' dream season.

And yet, by the end, it was a 19 point victory for the Horns. Had they played with the same focus and intensity at the beginning of the game that they had at the end of the game, they would have won by 50. Why Texas was so flat is a mystery, and Mack Brown and Gene Chizik need to figure out why Texas stumbled out of the gate. There won't be any coming back from down three scores to a team like USC.

We'll discuss this game much, much more on Monday. For now, it's another win, an impressive comeback, and another memorable night for Vince Young. Let's throw this out for discussion in the meantime: does last night's game help, or hurt, Vince Young's Heisman resume?

Texas fans are going to endure a week long PR battle. USC and Va Tech will get all the love, while the "Mark-Mays" of the world slam us.

Amazing how Va Tech's 4 point win over a bad NC State doesn't even get mentioned. Or that USC's close game against a 2-5 Arizona team is a resume builder for a "true champion".

UT needs to find their mojo again, because if Va Tech wins out, there is no room for error or "OSU" games.
If anything, this solidifes Vince as the #2 in the Heisman Voting. Behind Reggie Bush, but in front of Matt Leinart (#3) and Marcus Vick (#4).
this helps Young's heisman resume greatly, but I think it hurts Texas' ranking. I just hope Texas stays at #2.
texasfan for life
It is a mystery as to why our defense, which had been dominating everyone, decided not to show up for the first half of this game. As usual, the offense comes out a little shaky but gains momentum (thank you Vince) and blows the opponent out of the water at the end.

Unlike last week, we are now closer to VT then USC (at least in the coaches poll) so i think the team responds and wins very immpressively in our remaining four regular season games (incl. Big 12 champ. game) to solidify the #2 spot. This is the closest VT will come to us, even if they beat Miami which I doubt.

There is no way that this hurts Vince's heisman chances, he's established as ahead of Matt Leinart for the time being and with Reggie Bush not even getting into the endzone this week, Vince should close the gap if not leapfrog him in many people's minds. (c'mon, he did have the Top play on Sportscenter)
yeah, but the flat out truth is that Young is the most VALUABLE player. Not the BEST player in college football. If Young goes down, Texas will drop to the 20's as far as rankings go. The front runner for the Heisman is Reggie Bush and sorry to say, as do most experts, its his Heisman to lose.

Against a respectable team, Texas would never be able to come back.
Boi, tell us why though. We respect opinions backed with facts or examples rather than drive-by biased observations.
AS stated earlier USC barely won against ASU, in my opinion, that was actually more of a loss by ASU than a win from USC, why are these statements not being made about USC and VT. If we go back through history most championship teams have at least one good scare thru the course of a season, so why is Texas being blasted by one bad HALF.
I'm sure that these things were said about USC after their AU game. Don't worry, Texas is not being blasted, they just had a bad half, and they showed they could easily come back from a bad half.
Jo_Blo, Texas' ranking will not drop into the twenties if their charter plane goes down with all of the offence, they would drop if they start losing. Although you are right that losing Vince would hurt Texas and he is the MVP, Texas still has a strong team, and could win out without him playing. The bowl game would be another matter. Your right if what you are saying is that we need him to beat a VA Tech or USC, but the same argument can be made for Bush or Vick.
It's amazing how you USC fans just refuse to come to the table with any facts or even a smidge of objectivity. I know you just discovered this "college football" sport recently, but try and learn a little bit about it before coming on this blog. Just because you think Matt Leinart is cute doesn't make you an expert. And why so defensive? You are all still on this "no respect" kick, despite the overwhelming evidence that the media thinks you have the best team in the country (and the best player in Reggie Bush). Ah, what the hell. Keep it up. It's funny watching y'all get so mad.
- Eric
Like one other poster said above, EVERY team that goes undefeated has at least one game that on paper they should dominate. However, for some reason, it ends up being a nail biter. I don't know if it is complacency, or the other team getting fired up to play #1, or what, but there is always at least one. Hopefully Texas got this one game out Saturday against OSU.
I think that our defense was starting to read a bit too much of the hype surrounding them. The first half was thier wake up call for the rest of the season. I don't expect them to over sleep again.

Brandon '97
For the dude earlier who wanted to know why Texas got blasted for playing a bad half.... Texas is being blasted by USC and Tech fans first and foremost because both teams won with ease this past weekend. Second, the media and everyone on this UT blog was building Texas as a superior mistake free team who has dominated all season, unlike USC or Tech supposedly. Third, while SC struggled with Notre Dame and Oregon, those were ranked teams in hostile environments. Texas struggled with a 20 year old coach and arguably one of the worst teams in college football for an entire 2 1/2 quarters. They deserve to get blasted just like SC and Tech. I'm sure UT fans agree. Jo_Blo
dude, what are you talking about? What media "building Texas as a superior mistake free team who has dominated all season" and not building up USC and Tech? Can you point to even one mainstream media (not blog) story that builds up Texas as perfect and tears down USC and Tech? The "media" has been on USC's nuts since day one. The team has almost all of the first place media votes in the AP poll. This is what I'm talking about. This defensive "we get no respect" attitude that USC fans for some reason still have. It's not 2003 any more (by the way, the "media" loved you then, too, as evidenced by your #1 AP ranking). No one, well at least me, is bashing USC for the Notre Dame game, but what about the game at home against lousy 2-6 Arizona? That was in LA, and the score at the half was 14-7, and it got as close as 21-28 at the end of the third quarter. That's pretty weak. Are you going to claim that was a tough team in a hostile environment? At least Texas' slow starts at home were against ranked teams, one in the top-10. I'm not even sure what my point is here except to say, once again to USC fans, try to come to the table with some facts before posting your idiocy. Thanks.

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