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Thursday, October 27


Skip Bayless Is (Still) An Idiot

Skip Bayless is an idiot. Go ahead and Google it. You’ll quickly see this is not an original thought of mine. Bayless has made a career out of saying all the wrong things—the things that get under people’s skin. Whatever his motivations, the words “Skip Bayless is an idiot” have their own place in the dictionary. The guy has managed to be called an idiot more times than Jessica Simpson.

I think
Football Outsiders said it best: “Skip Bayless columns are like fish in a barrel.”

Some of Skip's lowlights, just from the last year:

*The Eagles only choice is to get rid of T.O. (Riiiiight.)
*Deion Sanders is more deserving of the best athlete ever than Lance Armstrong (Seriously, he said that.)
*Kevin Garnett is not a man because he didn’t slug Anthony Peeler after Peeler swung at him. (Level-headedness, apparently, is not a quality real men possess. Ron Artest, we can safely conclude, is a REAL man.)
*Lebron James faked the flu to avoid the dunk contest (Bayless offers no real evidence; just wild conjecture—his specialty)

We could go on and on and on. I actually had fun with my little Google search. It’s pleasing to see how many sentences contain “Skip Bayless” and “idiot.”

Today, Skip Bayless is at it again,
dismissing the Longhorns and—this is where it gets retarded—saying that Ohio State could give USC a better game than Texas could. I can’t fathom any justification for that statement, and Bayless doesn’t offer any. It’s just yet another idiotic thing he says that we’ve all come to expect. Personally, I think he should be quite a bit higher on this list.

Nice entry, I couldnt stand Skip when he was here in Chicago at the Trib...what a schmuck.

Question, how did you get the countdown clock in the upper right? I would love one of those for one of my blogs.

Respond via one of my blogs (all are linked from here http://blogofkemp.blogspot.com/
or leave a return comment under this entry. Thanks in advance.
Here's some evidence why Skip is so, uh, skippy:

From http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=bayless/050915:

"A confession: I bleed crimson.

OU crimson.

I can't help it. I was born into the University of Oklahoma's football tradition. I grew up in Oklahoma City, and my grandfather took me to my first OU game when I was 5 years old."

That's all I need to know, and reason enough to never for one second ever listen to his mindless drivel again.
Bayless does have a point. Ohio State has a better defense than texas.Simple as that. However, offesively, Texas has a much better offense. Just because texas beats ohio state doesn't automatically mean texas matches up better against USC. That logic doesn't work in college football. We have yet to see how Texas would match up with USC. College football is all about matchups and its arguable that ohio state could give USC fits with those linebackers. I wouldn't say bayless worded it correctly, but its ARGUABLE. You're mad because Texas got dissed, but its the first time in about 3 weeks.Everyone is jerking off to texas right now, its the cool thing to do. So let it slide, man. Don't get your panties in a knot, we'll be able to make a better argument soon enough. And if Bayless pisses you off, don't listen to him, change the channel or station and watch somethin else.
Email me, Kemp: peterbean@gmail.com
Skip Bayless and HBO’s the Crypt Keeper….separated at birth?
You make the call!

Seriously though, Skip can’t hold his own unless he has that babbling writer from Denver sitting across from him. They had a younger guy doing Cold Pizza with Bayless last week and he made Skip look el stupido. Bayless is a mental midget and a bomb thrower. They should pin this article up in the Texas locker room.
Ohio State has a better defense than Texas? I'd say they are equal. The rankings agree--Texas: http://web1.ncaa.org/d1mfb/Internet/ranking_summary/2005000000703.HTML Ohio State: http://web1.ncaa.org/d1mfb/Internet/ranking_summary/2005000000518.HTML

Not to mention that Ohio State was playing at home versus Texas. Look, Ohio State is a fine team. But there's not much of a case to be made for them being better than Texas. At least you tried to make one - my point was Skip didn't even bother. Meh.
Bayless is a homer, no question.

The point on which I would agree with him is first, that two computers came up with USC #4 on one computer and #5 on another.

Computers are only as good as the programs written for them, and they can't take into account the pressure a number 1 team is under to win forever (as we've referenced in your comments section re: Master Coaches).

USC got the shaft in 03 because someone decided that home versus away games don't matter (for that years computers).

This computer shyte has to go.

Matt (not that anonymous guy above)
I thought about e-mailing him at how stupid he actually comes across, but then I felt a little sorry for him. He looks like a deflated corpse. He's also obviously down about his beloved Sooners absolutely sucking this year. I don't think the article that he wrote was about anything other than to blast on the Horns. No doubt the man should fade into oblivion, but maybe it's not his fault as much as his Dr.'s for not perscribing something for that horrible cyst on his frontal lobe. He has no ability to form a rational thought...

What a sad, strange, little man...

Skip Bayless is the embodiment of what is wrong with sports journalism today. He makes contrarian points, if only for the sake of setting himself up for arguments. He reminds me of Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh, only those two guys are being controversial to increase sales. Skip Bayless is actually as dumb as his writing comes off. I will gladly combat him one day in a bout of fisticuffs, and I shall destroy him.
Everything Bayless says or writes is a bit. He gets paid to make ludicrous claims and spew ridiculous 'journalism'. The fact that ATL is even putting his meaningless babble out there justifies his being even more and continues to allow him to continue 'reporting' without a clue. Hint to all ATL'rs, ignore & dismiss Skip Bayless.
I've never paid much attention to his columns for the above reasons. On his remarks on the OSU game, appearently he didn't notice the many gifts that Texas gave them during that game. Nor did he notice we racked up almost 400 yards of total offense against one of the best defenses in the land (OSU is 3rd in total defense). His comment about Texas's defense being bad is WAY OFF the mark (UT is 7th in total defense). An interesting stat I stumbled upon is that almost half the points UT has given up this year have come in garbage time (defined as opposition points scored when up by 30+). Honestly, without those 3 gifts in the UT end of the field at OSU, then Texas wins that game by at least 10 points.

USC is the national champions and #1 team in the land until someone beats them, but I'm now on record with ATL that I want Texas to get a piece of USC and to take care of that nice winning streak they have (and extend our own). Texas and Virginia Tech are the only 2 teams in the land that I see that can beat USC. I don't want to hear about UCLA, the lack of defense will bring them down (It's raining 80-yard TD passes already, probably backed up by some long runs). I don't see any of the SEC possibilities producing enough offense, therefore they are eliminated as well (UGA and Alabama).
Excellent comment, 6:37 p.m.

Hook Em
Texas will meet its match in USC.
Matt.. No truer words were written by a USC fan. They will meet their match. They are two quality teams that will play one hell of a game. I am a diehard Texas fan, but am glad to admit that SC is a very good team. They will be evenly matched and a great game will ensue. I just hope the poser fans that have posted on this site (and I'm sure others as well) realize the magnitude of what we are witnessing. Two great teams looking to make history.
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It is obvious that you all are jealous of Skip Bayless, get a life...Skip is more than sports, are you...

Congratulations from a Husker fan. Oh, and Skip Bayless, nice prediction, jackass. I'm thinking of a word, and it rhymes with scoreboard.

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i really hate skip bayless. i found this site by searching, I HATE SKIP BAYLESS. i really, really hate skip bayless. if i could fight any one person, it would be SKIP BAYLESS. i would punch him, kick him, but most importantly, i would laugh my ass off. i would laugh and think, I HATE SKIP BAYLESS.
Skip bayless Hates everyting from Texas. He is still predicting that the Cowboys will implode,he says Romo is overratted I watch him just to see what Dumb remark he will make next.
skip byless is so stupid. he hates all ohio too. i cant figure it out but for some reason he hates lebron james. this guy is an idiot, evrything he says is just so stupid. i have no idea how this guy has a job. he is even worse the stephan a smith
Skip Bayless is Retarted
He cemented his 'idiot' legacy again today (1/15) blaming a meeting (the Friday before the game) the Colts owner had with Dungy over Dungy's possible retirement as the reason the Colts lost. You mean getting to the Super Bowl is not motivation enough to win - you have to blame a loss on a meeting? What an idiot!!!
I'd like to continue watching ESPN, but Skip Bayless and his contrary obnoxiuos ways have forced me to move on. I cannot believe he remains on their roster as the goto guy for expertise regarding the latest sporting events and athletes. It's time for Mr. "Brainless" to move on so we can all enjoy what ESPN has to offer once again.
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