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Thursday, October 27


Horns Increase Lead in Master Coaches Survey

The sixteen former college coaches voted again this week, and once again put Texas in the top spot. This week the Horns received 13 of 16 first place votes to increase their lead over USC marginally.

It's a meaningless poll, but still nice to see Texas getting some love from these former college coaches. The #1 rankings are piling up, and it brings up an interesting question. I was having dinner with my Dad last night and he suggested to me that the Horns should hope to be #2 going into the Rose Bowl (should they get there). My initial reaction was to agree, though I'm not sure it makes much difference. He insisted that the pressure of being #1 is a real factor and that Texas really would be better served coming in at #2, as the challenger to the reigning champion.

It's interesting food for thought, and a potential legitimate justification for why USC should be ranked #1. He agreed with most of my arguments about why many of the justifications you hear for USC being #1 are bogus, but suggested that the pressure of being #1 is a legitimate factor and one that should be considered when ranking teams.

Readers, please chime in with your thoughts on both subjects:

(1) Is Texas better off entering a potential Rose Bowl showdown with USC ranked #2?
(2) Is there a real pressure of being #1 that should be taken into account when evaluating USC?

While I agree that it is better for Texas to be #2 for the above reason, I don't think that it should be considered a strengthening factor for them to be ranked #1 and defending their reign. As you said in your previous post, the Horns opponents also would love to knock off Texas. There is also a ton of pressure on the Texas team to live up to the pre-season expectations. Something that the previous Texas teams could not do. I think it's more of a testament to Texas that they are handling the pressure better than USC (example: blowing out opponents that are clearly not as good).

what a meaningless question.

if USC wins out the rest of the way, it's not like UT has a choice whether they'll be ranked #1 in the BCS anyways. That is, the matter is actually out of their hands because of the pi** poor opponents compared to USC.
It is difficult to know what runs through the heads of the players. I think that this season their goal is a BCS national championship, and considering the way that it works (no playoff), they really have to work hard to stay #2 or #1. In fact, being #1 in the BCS might actually make a team feel slightly less pressured because they now have to drop 2 spots to be out of the BCS instead of just 1. But as has been mentioned in that previous article, I think every team that either #2 or #1 faces is going to bring its A-game, so these teams have to be ready for anything and can't afford to let up. I don't know that Texas is better off or worse off being ranked #2, and I don't think there is any additional pressure that comes from being #2 in this situation, since the top 2 make it to the Rose Bowl. If this was a sport where teams were playing for home-field advantage or some other type of reward for being ranked #1 instead of #2, then I think it would be different.
I don't really think that it matters whether we enter the game ranked #1 or #2. However, for the remainder of the season, the more #1 votes that we can pick up, the better. While I don't see Va Tech remaining undefeated with their remaining schedule, the more distance that we can put between us and them in the polls, the better. If, on an outside chance, that Texas becomes this year's Auburn, people are going to start talking about the Chizik curse. Better to stay as far ahead of the pack as possible. It that means being ranked #1 and dealing with the pressure that comes with it, so be it.

Brandon '97
At the beginning of the season, USC was annointed the National Championship through 2010 with no real viable competition. After the second or third game, no one was questioning USC at #1. Everyone just wanted to know who should be #2.

I would think that, more than simply being ranked #1, would weigh more heavily. Combined that with having the game in your backyard, most people expect USC to win. I think living up to season long expectations has more pressure.
What a basic observation! I guess it's been so long since TExas has been #1, you wouldn't have the slightest idea what that kinda pressure looks like.
In response to John, Texas's strength of schedule is about to go into the dumper. We'll see how USC holds up in the second half.

They take on all comers and have won 3 BCS bowls in a row. I'd be careful talking about "handling the pressure better than USC."

USC has won for three years straight and is working on 30 in a row. Texas hasn't known what that kind of pressure felt like since 1970.
Serious question for the USC trolls that keep popping up:

How long will your win streak last? 36 games? 250 games? A thousand games?

When it ends, who would you rather it be to: A team like Texas in the Rose Bowl, your cross town rival UCLA, or a dumpy 3-4 team like Arizona State?
Hopefully, the streak is going to last at least 35 games. I think the streak ends next season when we are breaking in Booty as our new QB.

If we have to lose, I guess losing in the Rose to Texas is a good way to go, though I don't think it'll happen.

I respect Texas, and I think Vince Young is a great athlete and seems like a great young man (particularly when I saw him on Gameday Final).

I just think that it's amazing that so few of these "Master Coaches" don't take into account that USC has played 5 of their first seven games in hostile environments. 5 of their first 7!
And with #1 painted on their backs.

It's hard to go undeafeated back to back for a season. Try doing it twice.

There just seems to be a fundamental disconnect for a lot of supposedly intelligent folks out there.
The first reasonable USC comment I've heard in a while. Andrew said it best: Anonymous is pretty bi-polar.
Anonymous deserves a Torbush-sized wow for that coherent and well thought out response.

It's an almost tailgate-esque conversation, to which I'd reply:

I had heard that Booty was supposed to be pretty good, though I havent actually seen him play.
Perhaps there's more than one Anonymous? When did Andrew call me Bipolar?

I've only posted here a coupla times, and I ain't that Brandon '97 guy.
By the way, I'm Matt. I've posted twice.
Oh, and Booty is good. Still, I expect growing pains from him and the offense.

Just think, next season's USC offense sans Leinart, Bush, White, Justice, Byrd, and possibly (Steve) WR Smith.

That's a big blow.

i don't understand why texas thinks they are the anointed ones. They beat an overated tech and ohio state team and have had sub-par seasons for quite some time. So with blowout losses to Oklahoma every year, no one has taken them seriously. And when you lose that many games in a row, who would. Just because the streak snapped this year, all of a sudden, texas is for real. We should give them the respect of the greatest team on the planet. You dudes have been sniffing too much cow manure on your ranches. On the other hand, USC has refused to lose the past 2 years with many of the players still on board and arguably the best coach in college football. So USc can bring up the past whenever they want because they are the past. I don't wanna hear that crap about that was last season. Same coach, same program, same goal. I just don't undedrstand why everyone isn't talking about mack brown being an average coach with great players, chizik was a great pick-up, texas wouldn't be undedfeated without him. Not once has someone brought up a legit discussion on mack brown. last year, everyone in texas wanted his head until he got on his knees for the voters to get into the rose bowl. Different story this year, huh. I personally don't think texas will ever know the feeling of playing in a hostile environment with a #1 ranking, and a 30 game winning streak on the line.Now thats pressure. Texas won't ever sniff that, so they should show some respect. USC deserves at least that.
God, it's comments like the above one that make us wonder about USC fans. We've shown plenty of respect to USC. So we think Texas is better - deal with it. Get over the past, talk about this year, and try to explain why your team is lollygagging through so many opponents. Or make some other coherent argument. Anything. Just quit the trolling bullshit.
Um, apart from that anonymous guy above, I think I AM making a coherent argument -- that being that it's unfair that no one is giving credit to USC for playing 5 of their first 7 away, and that the pressure is a little different when playing with a 29 game winning streak, as opposed to a 10 game steak.

What say you?
Or streak.

Mmm, steak.

I remember a long forgotten time of... hmmmm, 10 months ago? There were sentiments such as these floating around - except the teams were Oklahoma and UCS. Wait for the Rosebowl - lest you suffer the same fate Oklahoma fans did.
Takes my evil respectability down a notch, but i meant USC obviously.
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