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Wednesday, October 26


Success Defined

What is a successful season? For the past five years, Texas has won nine, nine, eleven, ten, and eleven games. But all five of those seasons were tainted by losses to OU. We have cleared that hurdle this season. We are 7-0 with two victories over top 10 teams and the presumptive favorites for the Big 12 title and a berth in the national championship game. So far we have had nothing but success. Given the scenarios below would the season be successful?

A) Loss at Texas A&M followed by victories in Big 12 Championship Game and in the Fiesta Bowl over Notre Dame.

B) Beat Texas A&M but lose in the Big 12 Championship Game. Receive an at-large BCS berth and beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

C) Beat A&M. Win the Big 12 Championship but are left out of the Rose Bowl by the computers. Win the Fiesta Bowl over Penn State.

D) Beat A&M. Win the Big 12 Championship. A berth but a loss in the Rose Bowl to USC.

E) Win out for a 13 – 0 season and a national championship Rose Bowl victory.

I would say A & B are unacceptable at this point in the season. C would be a successful season. D would be successful but difficult to stomach. And obviously E is the goal.

What do you think?


For me, the season is already a success. What happens from here on does not take away the two months of pleasure we're already had.

However, here is my order for dissapointment:

1. Lose at A&M. I'll be there and if the Aggies spoil our perfect season I might not be coming home alive, especially if I sit in the upper deck, since I'll be compelled to jump.

2. Lose in Big 12 title game. I was there in 2001 and to be soooooooo close to playing for the MNC was pretty painful. But losing in Houston this year wouldn't be as embarassing as losing to the Aggies.

3. Play in non-BCS bowl. Win or lose, it won't mean all that much, unless we're #2 in the polls and #1 USC loses, giving us a spilt MNC. Even if we lose to USC, I want to play them.

4. Loss in Rose Bowl. Losing the last game would suck, but the pub our program would get during the month leading up to the game would benefit us for years to come (especially with recruits).

5. Win it all. A dream come true.

Yup. I think back on all the seasons before this one and I remember having a lot of fun and calling them successful. Were we 7-0? No, but I enjoyed watching the team.

I'm not even upset that I have to spend $20 every week on Gameplan because ABC wants to show USC vs. 1-5 Washington out here.

I want Texas to play in the Rose Bowl mainly because I'll get to go. If the National Championship were in Miami, I don't think I wouldve been able to go.
I guess my definition of success is if we play to our abilities. Therefore, I would say that we have to win the rest of the Big 12 regular season and championship to be successful. This would guarantee us a BCS bowl (whether or not it is the Rose Bowl), and I would consider it a success if we won a non-National Championship BCS Bowl or made it to the Rose Bowl, win or lose.
I say anything less than a big 12 championship is a disappointment. Big 12 championship and no rose bowl would be disappointing, but still a successful season. Rose Bowl loss, disappointing loss, sucessful season. Rose Bowl win, ultimate season.
on this list of disappointments, you forgot to mention vince young having a season ending injury. Then that would make Texas about as average as oklahoma this season and playing for some (fill in the blank).com Bowl. Yeah, and that would definitely damage your program.
I think all of these SC fans want Vince to go down so they don't have to play him. The problem with their theory is that the defense still is solid and the offense has other weapons. They're just drawing at straws hoping... Keep hope alive SC. If that's what you need to make yourselves feel better, keep hope alive...

what other weapons?

Wishing a season ending injury aside, I try not to do that, and even though Reggie Bush could be a deciding factor in the rose bowl this year, I still want him there and healthy when we beat them. I would say losing before the bowl game this year would be a disappointment. If D happens I will be distraught, but will be able to handle it. If C happens I will not have a problem, especially if we win a AP national championship, how could USC say that we were not co-championships with out taking away from their three-peat.
Jo_Blo.. Let's see... The entire offensive line (highly thought of as the best in the country), Jamaal Charles, Billy Pittman (not getting near the amount of cred as he deserves), Ramonce Taylor... All of which are on the field at the same time. I wouldn't compare them to SC, but our defense matches really well to Sc's offense. Sc's defense still wouldn't match well to UT's offense. Let's just say I wouldn't exactly lose hope.

Win out in the Big12, win the Big12 championship. We live by the BCS die by the BCS, but the jacked formula will not keep us out of the Rose Bowl.
D) Makes up for the last 5 years...
E) Makes up for the last 35 years!

Hook 'em.
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