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Wednesday, April 6


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It just goes to show that USC (University of Spoiled Children) must cheat to win. UT will prevail
This is hilarious. After reading many of these post. USC fans have got to pull their head out of their asses. USC defense will not be able to hold our offense this year. They have choked every game this year and have had to thank their offense for bailing them out this year. All of this talk about Oklahoma and the small streak they put on us. Look at the overall record of the rivalry... We are up over 20 games on them. Mack Brown might have given us a little push into the Rose Bowl, like Reggie did to cheat in the ND game....but look what happened to Cal.. They were raped by the C team in the Big 12. As far as the Rose Bowl this year, I really think Cal or UCLA is going to beat USC this year. I am starting to like the thought of a VA Tech vs Texas Rose Bowl.
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