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Monday, April 4


Spring game draws record crowd

The Horns kicked the Spring football season into full gear on Saturday with the Orange-White Spring Game. You can browse the statistics and try to understand the utterly bizarre scoring system, but only one statistic from Saturday really matters: 40,550. That’s the number of fans who showed up to watch the game, a record for the Spring game. Hell, that’s a sellout at 90% of Division I schools.

While the game itself may be meaningless, you can already feel the buzz surrounding this year’s team. The Horns will likely be ranked #2 or #3 in the preseason polls, ahead of even, gulp, Oklahoma. If Texas beats Ohio State and enters the Red River Shootout undefeated, we’ll probably enter the game… as favorites.

Expectations are always through the roof for Texas football, but this year is going to be crazier than usual. Let’s hope the Rose Bowl Vince Young is here to stay.


Take those attendance numbers with a grain of salt. I used to work for the SID office and I assure you the number used for the Spring Game’s attendance is anything but scientific.

If you go back and check, I'd be willing to bet every year there is an increase and every year the attendance number ends on a round figure, like this year's 40,550. Why not 40,551? Because the people in the press box making up the number are guessing by looking at the crowd and comparing it to stadium capacity, and a round number sounds better.

I'm not ripping on them, since it's impossible to get an accurate count of a free game where people can just show up, but the number is always about 20% too high if you ask me.

Still, even adjusted for my suspected inflation, drawing 32,000 fans for a practice is insane.
40,500? Mor like 4,500. The football factory can not stand being #2 to OU every year, so they beat them were they can - inflated, meaningless numbers.
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