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Wednesday, March 30


Longhorns, Buckeyes to play in prime time

ABC Sports will televise this fall's September 10 Texas-Ohio State football game during prime time (7:00 CST). ABC executives said they expect both teams to be ranked in the Top 10 and expect it to be one of the most closely watched early season games.

Okay, forget the prime time exposure. That’s great and all, but what has me excited is that we’re playing an elite team early in the year, before the Red River Shootout. The routine of going 4-0 against marginal (or worse) teams before heading to Dallas to get trounced by OU is getting tired. Kudos to Mack Brown for scheduling a tough, meaningful game early in the year. If we lose, we lose. But at least we’ll have faced some real competition. One loss is not total doom in the crazy BCS world. But getting pasted by OU every year is doom. Maybe this is the year we show up to Dallas and get a win.

Are we overly obsessed with that game or what?


I was very excited to see ABC announce this. There have been rumors around Austin that both teams were trying to get out of the game. Supposedly, neither team did not want to risk an early season loss and immeadiately lose a shot at a perfect season and with it a national title. I say let's play. If we are going to win a title, we might as well beat some people on the way.

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