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Monday, March 28


Gibson staying put

Freshman point guard Daniel Gibson, who late in the year teased Horns fans by saying he was considering turning pro, has confirmed that he will return to Texas for his sophomore season.

There wasn't much doubt that Gibson would return, but it's nice to have it become official. Gibson will only help himself with another year in college. He was asked to carry a very heavy load this year, and he handled that load better than most ever could hope to. Still, the Horns lack of scoring options (after Tucker and Aldridge went out) exposed Gibson's weaknesses. Even from the start of the year, he was too prone to the turnover and had trouble with decision making at times.

Gibson can play himself into the middle of the first round, or higher, with another year or two of college ball. He has the size and talent to be an impact NBA player, but what's the rush? He has no injury history to speak of and his talents will shine playing a full year alongside Tucker and Aldridge.

If Gibson's freshman season was a success by freshman standards, expect a repeat by even higher standards next year. He's a special talent that's still learning. And that's the key. As much growing room as he has, he's only going to help himself in the draft by sticking around campus for a while.

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