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Friday, March 18


Nevada 61 Texas 57

What a frustrating, miserable loss to put an end to what has been a largely frustrating and miserable season. Texas lost to Nevada last night, 61-57, exiting in the first round for the first time in four years. The worst part is, Nevada sucked. They looked awful. They couldn’t shoot, they didn’t handle the ball well, they weren't great passers—that we didn’t beat them by at least 10 points is testament to just how flawed of a team we were this year.

I don’t know, but after Illinois struggled a bit to get rolling, the line on the Nevada game is probably going to be less than it should. I may just bet the farm on the Illini. If they play well at all, they’ll run Nevada right out of the building. That Texas couldn’t is testament to just how offensively challenged we are without P.J. Tucker.

I don’t have too much more to say right now. That’s a lie. I’ve got plenty of negative things I’d like to say about last night’s game, but I’m spent…

If you can imagine Texas in Omaha (not that hard to do at this point), it helps heal the wounds a little better.

The team begins at home against Baylor tonight, then they're up in Waco Sat and Sun.
nevermind. we've already lost the series.
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