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Thursday, March 17


Early update

I’m going to periodically post notes as the action unfolds. At least as long as I’m here watching the games in front of a computer. It’s actually quite nice – I can flip between any of the four games that are on and watch for a few minutes.

Pacific-Pittsburgh: Beware of the Big West. They have two teams in the tourney (Pacific and Utah State), and rightfully so. My Dad teaches at UC-Irvine (Big West) and has seen both teams play. Don’t be surprised if Pacific beats Pitt and gives Washington a run for its money. And don’t be shocked if Utah State plays Arizona tight. Pacific leads Pitt by 10 right now.

UW-Milwaukee-Alabama: Alabama looks like a typical big conference team that’s athletic but often plays crappy team basketball. Milwaukee is beating them with good passing and sharp shooting, and my Sweet 16 pick of Bama is looking rather bad at this point. Screw it – I’m all for the upset. The SEC may have a rough tourney this year…

Kentucky-Eastern Kentucky: The Cats are only up by 8 at half, though the outcome of this game really isn’t in doubt at this point. A pretty boring game, with neither team scoring very well. Kentucky is talented, but vulnerable this year. Another 2nd round exit wouldn’t shock me.

Oklahoma-Niagara: As I expected, OU is bullying Niagara, up by 10 right now and looking comfortable. Big 12 teams usually fare reasonably well early in the tournament, as the brutal, physical play of Big 12 teams punishes many of the early opponents.

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