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Wednesday, November 8


Longhorns improve to 8-2 with win over Okie State

8-2 and on the cusp of a BCS Bowl bid.

Monday, November 14


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Sunday, November 13


Kansas Summary

The summary for the Kansas game is up at www.burntorangenation.com. Direct link click here.

Saturday, November 12


Texas 66 Kansas 14

It turns out that either The Fighting Manginos of Kansas had an overrated defense or Texas has a ridiculously good offense. It was probably a mixture of both, as Texas moved the ball at will against the overmatched Jayhawks. The Horns amassed 336 yards on the ground and 289 through the air, including 4 Vince Young TD tosses. Young's Heisman rival, Reggie Bush, had only 75 yards on 16 carries. Much, much more on the huge Texas victory, the Heisman trophy race, and the rest of the college football world to come this week on All Things Longhorn.

But the biggest news of all for us on this blog is that we're finally beginning our migration over to the Sports Blog Nation. In fact, the brand new site is UP AND RUNNING now over at www.burntorangenation.com. We're still developing a few different things for the new site, but go ahead and take a look and bookmark the new site now. And offer us your feedback on the new look.

Friday, November 11


Hook 'Em Early

Now you can start raising your baby Longhorn the right way, as spelled out in the Baby Longhorn DVD! Because it's never too early to start brainwashing them....

Oh man. I got this in my email inbox and didn't know what to do. This is the price we pay for free markets, I suppose.

I'm not sure which is worse--the video itself, or the 10,000 parents that will buy it.


Special Senior

One of the players making his final appearance at DKR on Saturday is fullback Ahmard Hall. For those unfamiliar with Hall's story, here's a great read about him courtesy of Bill Little at MackBrown-TexasFootball.com.

Hall, a third-year walk-on, was the 2004-05 Big 12 Sportsman of the Year. He is best known for being a former Marine and carrying the American flag out onto the field as the team leaves the tunnel. Last season he carried one time for a 1-yard touchdown, and in 2005 he's got one carry for 10 yards (against Colorado). Here's hoping Mack can get Ahmard into the end zone on Saturday to cap his home career.



Lovin' Lovell

Lovell Pinkney, the talented but troubled wide receiver at Texas in the early 1990s, is repaying the University for all that it gave him. Reports say that Pinkney is a close friend of star recruit Kevin Durant and urged him to choose Texas, citing how much fun Pinkney had back in the day.

This is undoubtedly true. My father had Pinkney in one of his sociology classes back then and said the guy was all party, no school. Hey—live and let live. Fine by us. Though he did squander his chances at a pro career with his lack of seriousness. Still, we’re especially pleased that he had a good time now that it’s helping Rick Barnes land stud recruits.

Let’s just hope the next star recruit isn’t a friend of Chris Simms. The reviews may not be as favorable.


Thursday, November 10


For the fans

Not an official ATL rooting guide, but the TR rooting guide.

While enjoying Texas' romp over Kansas this weekend, be sure to cheer for the following outcomes:

Cal over USC: The sooner we're officially No.1 the better, as far as I am concerned. Then we can be even more arrogant and start talking all kinds of smack. I know this differs from the other members of the blog, but this is the TR rooting guide. As the Snickers commercial says: Hungry? Why wait? Plus, tickets to the Rose Bowl will be easier to come by if USC isn't playing.

LSU over Bama: The 'Tide sucks (or at least their offense does). They discredit the word undefeated. Plus, if both USC and Alabama lose, we might get to play LSU in the Rose Bowl. Then we can spot Les Miles a couple of touchdowns for old time's sake before roaring back in the second half.

Ohio State over Northwestern: I'm tired of people not acknowledging Texas' win over Ohio State as the biggest win of the year. Spare me the USC/ND talk. ND had already lost. I'm convinced that had Ohio State beaten us they would be undefeated and ranked #2.

South Carolina over Florida: I love Steve Spurrier and if he beats Tennessee and Florida in his first year at South Carolina, he'll further prove his awesomeness (at least in college football).

Colorado over Iowa State: So the Big 12 title game can have a better matchup. I don't want the Buffs falling out of the rankings until the Horns beat them for a second time.

Texas A&M over OU: Because I hate OU even worse than the Aggies, who have been downgraded from our little brother to our little sister. Still, at least they're family. OU is and will always be the loser who lives down the street that no one likes.



Big 12 news and notes

Some news and notes from around the Big 12:

• Following Texas A&M’s 52-17 blowout loss to Texas Tech last Saturday, the Aggies experienced a whole new level of humiliation, as raucous Raider fans chanted “Worse than Bay-lor!” at the Aggies as they departed the field.

• Speaking of the unglued Aggies, head coach Dennis Francione has decided his time is better spent complaining about his team’s schedule than doing something, like, improving his team. Franchione recently had a discussion with Big 12 officials in which he complained that the Aggies closing schedule was too tough. The Aggies last three games this year are at Texas Tech, at Oklahoma, and versus Texas. Someone might want to tell Coach Fran that when you lose 42-14 at home against Iowa State, it doesn’t matter who you play, or when.

• Don’t look now, but Texas Tech may be BCS bound. Okay, it’s a long shot, but that it’s a possibility is credit to Mike Leach and the Red Raiders this year. Tech gets hammered with the “overrated” stamp perhaps more than any other team in the country, but close Big 12 watchers know this team is no pushover. Don’t believe me? Ask California how they enjoyed playing Tech in a bowl last year.

• Texas’ 16 game winning streak is the longest since they won 30 in a row during 1968-1970, winning two national titles along the way

• Oklahoma is finally getting healthy, and experienced. Sooner players have combined to miss 31 games because of injuries this season. In the Sooners’ national championship season in 2000, no starter missed a game because of an injury. The Sooners have also played 12 freshmen this season, including five who have started at least one game. They’re re-loading, Horns fans.

• Coach Fran isn’t the only coach saying “I don’t know” when asked what’s wrong with his team. Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel, dangerously similar in his ineptitude to his hoops counterpart Quinn Snyder, had no answers for his team’s recent struggles either. Even when Texas plays exceptionally well, I can tell you what we’re doing wrong. Those words should never come out of a coaches mouth.


Week 11 Picks: SEC Showdown Edition

Another week, another crack at the picks. ATL did reasonably well last week, going 4-3 with our group picks. This week’s guest pickers are loyal readers Adam Sahyouni and Jason Mayer, both University of Texas alums and college football junkies.

Top Too Much Maroon Game
NameTexas A&M +13 @ OklahomaPick
PBThe Aggies are sad. OU’s offense improving.OU
AWAnother A&M loss towards a losing season. Take the points though.Texas A&M
TRThis much sucking indicates a category 6 hurricane will hit Norman this weekend. As bad as A&M is, OU isn’t blowing anyone out with that offense. Give me the points.Texas A&M
ASI will quote a comment made by Link on the Blog this week “I want the stadium to implode”OU
JMRemember when teams tore down goalposts for beating A&M?OU
3 votes to 2

Top Define Yourself Game
NameAuburn +3 @ GeorgiaPick
PBI like the improving Tigers, but Georgia is subtly dominating. They’ll win this game by a TD or more.Georgia
AWWith Shockley back, I have to go with the Dawgs.Georgia
TRSeems like the spread would be bigger. Since it’s not, I think something’s brewing here.Auburn
ASShockley is backGeorgia
JMShockley is back; Bulldogs would be undefeated if he’d been healthy.Georgia
4 votes to 1

Top Big 11 Game
NameNorthwestern +18 @ Ohio StatePick
PBTroy Smith is #4 in the country in passing efficiency. Whoa.Ohio State
AWTressel has started to teach offense in Columbus and Troy Smith is improving. OSU wins.Northwestern
TRNorthwestern offense is good. It’s season-low in points came at Michigan (17), so I think they can match that here. Add in the 18-point spread, and I see them covering.Northwestern
ASBrett has a very long day against the OSU defense Ohio State
JMThe NU offense has shown weakness the last two weeks and the Buckeye defense is better than Michigan & IowaOhio State
3 votes to 2
Ohio State

Top Huge Line Game
NameKansas +34 @ TexasPick
PBSenioritis keeps the score under the spread.Kansas
AWSenior Day. The Horns are 8-1 against the spread. VY keeps rollng.Texas
TRSenior day = UT big, 52-13. Horns House
ASI honestly have no idea here. Will we beat them? Of course. The Question is how bad did the fat man piss the Horns off.Kansas
JMIt might be hard to cover the spread when all your sixth string senior walk-ons are playing.Kansas
3 votes to 2

Top SEC Game
NameLSU -3 @ AlabamaPick
PBBama defense will suffocate Les Miles. Bama offense gets on the board to win a squeaker, 17-13.Bama
AWThis line looks wrong. Bama is undefeated and at home. Vegas has it right.LSU
TRLSU rolls the tide by 14+.Geaux Tigers
ASNot being able to score TD’s catches up this week LSU
JMAlabama is finally exposed. As long as LSU can score 10 points.LSU
4 votes to 1

Top Potential Rose Bowl Wrecking Game
NameUSC -19 @ CaliforniaPick
PBCal is no match for the Trojans. This line should be higher. Farm bet of the week.USC
AWLast loss was at Cal two years ago. Won’t happen again but Cal hangs tough.Cal
TRI’m through rooting for USC to meet us in the Rose Bowl. Their D is a joke. Plus, I’d sure like to avenge the 1991 Cotton Bowl.Cal
ASAs much as I would like to go the other way, USC puts on a clinic. Bet the HOUSE.USC
JMUSC is good. Cal is not. This year won’t be close.USC
3 votes to 2


Departing Longhorns

As we approach Senior Day in Austin this Saturday, it’s time to take a look at the seniors that will depart the team after this season:

Will Allen (OL)
Steven Andrade* (DE)
Brian Carter (WR)
Xang Chareunsab* (WR)
Mike Garcia (OL)
Cedric Griffin (CB)
Ahmard Hall (FB)
Eric Hall (DE)
Michael Huff (S)
Kalen Jakes (DE)Braden Johnson (LB)
Matt Logan* (WR)
Richmond McGee (P/PK)
Karim Meijer (DB)
Matt Nordgren (QB)
Jason Perez* (LB)
Kyle Phillips* (PK)
David Pino (PK)
Brad Poronsky* (OL)
Kirby Portley* (TE)
James Ray* (DB)
Nick Schroeder (Deep Snapper)
Jonathan Scott (OL)
Cody Stavig* (DB)
Anthony Strong* (WR)
David Thomas (TE)
William Winston (OL)
Rodrique Wright (DT)
Jerren Wight* (DB)

*Denotes non-scholarship player

-Starters in bold

Texas will sorely miss the departing offensive linemen, Michael Huff, Ced Griffin, Rodrique Wright, and David Thomas. Obviously, the Horns will be featuring some new kickers next year as well, as both David Pino and Richmond McGee are departing.



Why Vince Returns

Vince Young has declared his intentions to return to Texas next year for his senior season. If he wins the Heisman and Texas claims the national title, some will say he's foolish not to leave since he will have accomplished everything he can in college.

Here are the top five reasons I think he's coming back.

1. Mack never loses underclassmen (unless they allegedly smoke pot before the Cotton Bowl), and Vince isn't going to buck that trend. Mack has done a lot for Vince in giving him the reins of a top-five program and letting him do his thing. Those of us who have followed Mack his entire time in Austin can see the difference in the way he's handling the team. Of course it's worked out well, but Mack couldn't have known that for sure. It's human nature do things your way so at least if you fail, you failed your way. I imagine Vince feels a lot of loyalty to Mack, and Mack needs Vince next year so whatever high school quarterback phenom they sign this year can have a year to develop. No offense to Colt McCoy, who I am sure is a good player, but I'd feel better if he wasn't the only option to follow in Vince's footsteps. Next year, it's him and whoever comes in as true freshman. In 2007, the options will be far greater.

2. Vince isn't getting drafted ahead of either member of the USC duo in 2006. He can improve his draft status (and bonus money) in the 2007 draft. Plus, he'll have a monster insurance policy if he does come back, just like Leinart has this year at USC.

3. Everyone knows his delivery needs work. Consider the career of Steve McNair. He was the third pick of the 1995 draft despite playing at Division I-AA. He obviously wasn't ready for the NFL, and he didn't become a full-time starter until his third year. If Vince needs two years of practice to develop an NFL-quality throwing motion before he can be a starting QB in the NFL, why not spend one of them at UT and one on the bench in the NFL instead of two on an NFL bench?

4. He will be a GOD in Austin. You think Ricky Williams was popular? People will throw rose petals (or underwear) at Vince's feet everywhere he goes. He'll be on the cover of every preview magazine next year, too, and his hype will be Leinart-esque. Maybe Vince will even sign up for ballroom dance. (Hell, I took it my senior year at UT. It's pretty fun.)

5. And here's a scary thought: Texas should be even better next year. If the Horns win it all this season, they will enter 2006 with a 20-game winning streak. USC's streak will be at 34 if the Trojans reach the Rose Bowl this season, and everyone talks about them as if they are in the NFL. People in Austin have long considered the Horns their NFL team, but next year with Vince back the hype will finally be appropriate.


Getting To Know You: Jayhawk Edition

Media guides are fun… For this edition, we’ll pull a few factoids from the KU media guide and offer comments.

Rush defense: The Kansas rush defense ranks first in the nation, allowing just 64 yards per game on the year. Seven times this season the KU defense has surrendered less than 100 rushing yards to an opponent (70 vs Florida Atlantic, 38 vs Louisian Tech, 47 at Texas Tech, 35 at Kansas State, 96 vs Oklahoma, 33 vs Missouri, 21 vs Nebraska.

Hmmm… That makes me wonder if those teams are any good at running the ball. Let’s check their national ranks in rushing offense.

Louisiana Tech is ranked 58th in rushing offense, Oklahoma 47th, Texas Tech 98th, Nebraska 110th, Missouri 23rd, Kansas State 94th, and Florida Atlantic 105th. And the Jayhawks played Oklahoma when Peterson was injured—he only had 5 rushes in the game.

I’m certain the Kansas defense is solid, but before we coronate them as rushing defenders of the year, let’s bear in mind that they’ve been facing some pretty miserable rushing teams. The only impressive game is the domination of Missouri and Brad Smith.

First and Ten: Last Saturday the Jayhawks held Nebraska to seven first downs.

This says more about how far Nebraska has fallen than how good the Jayhawks have been. The Cornhuskers now rank 108th in the nation in total offense. Folks, it’s tough to be that inept.

Inside the numbers: In its two consecutive wins, KU averaged 363 total yards while holding opponents to an average of 159 yards per game.

KU’s last two opponents? The aforementioned Division II Cornhuskers and inconsistent Missouri Tigers. Again, while this Jayhawk defensive unit deserves praise, I’m not ready to believe that they have a chance at shutting down Texas.

All five of Kansas’ victories have come in Lawrence this year.

Someone forgot to tell Mark Mangino that this one’s being played in Austin this year.

A Kansas WIN would…
Be the team’s first victory against Texas since the 1938 season, and snap a string of five straight wins by the Longhorns… Be KU’s first-ever win in Texas-Memorial Stadium… Give Mark Mangino his 18th career win as head coach, making his overall record 18-28.

I know I’m pounding on a dead horse here, but whatever. Mangino picked this fight. I can’t believe I’m fired up to beat the crap out of Kansas. You’d think this were a basketball game. Just goes to show what a dumb thing it is for Mangino to be giving the Horns bulletin board material.

Anyway, the whole KU media guide is pretty depressing. It’s mostly filled with neat factoids about the defense and how much better they are than in any previous year, which of course just belies the fact of how miserable they’ve always been. Not that I blame them—that’s what media guides are supposed to do. The Texas media guide reads like a cheerleaders guide to 100+ years of beating the hell out of Rice and Baylor.

I’m on record predicting a 41-10 Horns victory, with Kansas getting some late garbage score while our fourth string seniors get some fourth quarter action in their last game. Time for the readers to weigh in on game predictions. What will be the final score of the game? And how many rushing yards will Texas gain against the “vaunted” Kansas rushing defense? If you predict Texas’ exact rushing yards total, we’ll give you a free t-shirt of your choice from the Co-Op. To be eligible, you must include your full name and email in the comment section when you post your prediction.


Remarkable Vince Young Stat of the Day

Vince Young needs just 145 yards rushing to become only the fifth player in NCAA history to rush for 3,000 yards and pass for 5,000 yards.


Triple Threat

Thanks to Michael Holt for first calling our attention to this: Sportsbook.com has posted a unique bet on Texas winning both the football and basketball national championships. The Horns, #2 in the BCS football standings and #2 in the preseason AP basketball poll, are at 35-1 to hold win both titles. (See the press release about the bet here.) No school has ever won the football and basketball championships in the same year.

And let's not forget that the Horns already won this year's baseball championship.



Texas completes second pre-season rout

Texas routed Lenoir-Rhyne 97-36 to complete their pre-season schedule. The Division II school is the alma mater of Rick Barnes. The Horns looked sloppy early in the first half before rolling, especially in the second half. The defense was very impressive holding the Bears to just 30% shooting and forcing 29 turnovers. Buckman and Aldridge each had double-doubles. Both were able to consistently establish low post position deep in the paint and just wait for the feeds from Texas guards. The Horns dominated all the statistical categories against the slower and shorter competition. Rebounds 41-30, assists 17-7, points in the paint 44-16, and points off turnovers 39-4.

This was a total mismatch from the opening tip. Give credit to Barnes and his staff for keeping the players motivated throughout. Lenoir-Rhyne coach John Lentz said after the game, “They are much better than they were last year.” I think so too, but we will find out for sure when Texas opens the regular season on Tuesday in the first round of the Guardians Classic against Southern.


Barnes Inks Top Class

Rick Barnes signed one of the nation’s top classes on Wednesday. Five players signed to play with the Horns next season. A sixth player, DJ Augustin, will sign on Thursday. He waited one day to sign on his birthday. Texas’ class is rated as the nation’s fifth best by Rivals.com and seventh best by Scout.com.

The class is led by
Kevin Durant (6’9,200) a perimeter forward with NBA skills from Maryland. Durant is the rated as the second best high school prospect in the country. Before this year, Durant would have likely left for the NBA. Durant picked Texas over Connecticut and North Carolina. Barnes will land DJ Augustin tomorrow. Augustin (6’1”,170) follows in the footsteps of TJ Ford and Daniel Gibson as top point guards to sign for Barnes. Augustin is currently playing in the Houston area after evacuating Louisiana because of Hurricane Katrina. Augustin could be asked to contribute quickly if Gibson bolts to the pros. Also signing on Wednesday were Dexter Pittman (6’10”,320), Matt Hill (6’10”,220), Harrison Smith (6’3”,185), and Justin Mason (6’3”,175). Pittman and Hill will be bangers on the low blocks. Like Augustin, both will grab minutes next season with Buckman and likely Aldridge departing. Smith is a former high school teammate of Daniel Gibson and backcourt starter on their state championship team who uses his strength and athleticism to get to the rim. Mason is known as a gym rat who can play both guard positions.

This is an extremely impressive class. Before Rick Barnes, Texas did not steal recruits from North Carolina and Connecticut. Now, we regularly land McDonald’s All Americans and compete for the best players in the country. High school players watched TJ Ford lead Texas to the Final Four. They watched Gibson and Aldridge star last year as freshman and they see our top 2 pre season rankings. Great things are happening at DKR and our road to the Rose Bowl, but let’s not forget the great things that Rick Barnes and the men’s basketball team are accomplishing. Great coaches can make good teams champions, but the talent has to be there too. Texas is now landing top talent every year. And Barnes has the skills to make us great. Can cutting down the nets be that far away?

Wednesday, November 9


Point, Counterpoint: Saturday's Psychological Edge

We've argued that Mark Mangino's BCS conspiracy rantings, coupled with his comments that KU outplayed and outcoached the Horns, gave Texas a psychological edge. Our reasoning is that Kansas' best hope for beating Texas this year, given the ridiculous talent gap, is catching Texas flat. Such "bulletin board material" merely angers Goliath; not a good idea.

Our friendly rivals at the Kansas
Phog Blog, not surprisingly, offer a different take on the psychological battle:

The first time in history in which the previous year’s winner is seeking revenge. Vince Young says Mangino disrespected him and his coaches by pointing out that UT was outplayed and out-coached last year. (News flash: the next time Mack Brown out-coaches anyone will be the first time. And a 20+ point favorite having to rely on a dishonest call to defeat a 4-7 team? If that’s not being outplayed, what is?) Young says the Longhorns intend to dominate the game to teach Mangino a lesson.

The good news is that Young’s whining means either that UT (a) is not taking KU seriously and grasping at straws for artificial motivation that will disappear after the first few plays; or (b) is seriously focused on Mangino—which is a distraction—rather than focusing on playing football.

Either way, KU has the psychological advantage.

Okay readers, it's on you now. Offer your own analysis on this topic of debate. Is the Mark Mangino blathering a distraction, or positive motivation, for Texas this Saturday?


From the Mail Bag

A dive in to the mail bag provides us with this question from loyal reader (and Iowa State blogger) Alex Ernst:

I was wondering your thoughts on this, but you guys tend to think Vince is unstoppable. Are there any defenses out there that you could see giving him trouble? I mean, just slowing down his running game. I was wondering after Iowa State completely shut down Smith and McNeal on the ground, if you thought they could hold Young somewhat in check and make him throw the ball more.

Hey Alex – thanks for the question. If you’re wondering whether a team can hold Young’s running in check and force him to throw, the answer is yes. After the first quarter, Ohio State did an excellent job of keying in on Vince Young and making him throw. But that’s the trouble Texas opponents’ have been facing this year. The guy can throw. Young is ranked third in the nation in passing efficiency and has become such a good passer that you really can’t afford to solely key in on stopping his runs. It’s a no-win situation.

Vince Young’s improvements in the passing game are the single biggest reason why Texas is a legitimate national title contender. The offense can beat you so many ways this year.

Got a question for the ATL authors? Send them an


How TV ads get made

I haven’t the foggiest idea what teams are in this highlight, or how it in any way relates to the University of Texas, but it’s blog-worthy, that’s for sure. Loyal reader Christian Loew sent in this video clip to us last night, and we can’t pass up sharing it with all of you.

Watch the clip and then let me know if you’re thinking what I’m thinking… Yeah, thought so. This has Wheaties ad written all over it. “Better eat your Wheaties!”


Kansas @ Texas Preview

Kansas is in a much better spot than Baylor was last week, when Texas was knee deep in an increasingly close battle among Rose Bowl suitors. Now that Virginia Tech has been defeated, Texas sits in a far more comfortable position, needing only to win out for a Rose Bowl berth.

So, while Texas was playing for style points last week, focused intently on completely demolishing the Bears, one could argue that Texas is in perfect position for a letdown game. If Texas were playing the improved Jayhawks on the road, I might buy in to that a bit. The reality is, though, that this game is a home game and, more importantly, it’s senior day. Saturday’s game will be the last game in Austin for some thirty Longhorns, and I don’t see Texas being flat for this one at all.

Add in the fact that Kansas gave Texas a serious scare last year, and the likelihood of a letdown decreases further. If we can eliminate the potential letdown factor from the equation, how does this game break down?

It’s a pretty simple one, actually. All Texas has to do is have a solid offensive day and they’ll win. They don’t need to perfect, or even great—just good. Kansas’ biggest problem in this game is that their offense is pretty challenged. They rank 8th in the conference in rushing, 10th in passing, and 11th in total offense. That’s not a recipe for success against Texas. To beat the Longhorns, you’ve got to be able to score a lot. You aren’t going to beat Texas 10-7 any more than anyone’s going to beat USC by that score. The team that hands Texas or USC its first loss is going to do so with a big offensive game. Kansas can’t do that.

With that said, the Jayhawks defense does deserve some praise here. They rank first in the nation in rushing defense, 37th in passing defense, and 5th in total defense. They only allow 18 points per game. Their coach, big Mark Mangino, is an above average defensive coach. Much like Baylor, it’s hard to take Kansas football seriously, but their defense is to be respected. They play hard, they tackle well, they're well coached, and they execute what they’re asked to do.
Snicker all you want; it’s not a bad unit.

Still, even with an above average defense, Kansas is totally outmatched here. They haven’t played an offense as diversely dangerous as Texas’s at all. The best offense they’ve faced—that of Texas Tech—put up 30 points on them. Texas may not beat up on the Kansas defense the way they have against some of their opponents this year, but they’re not going to be stopped, either. Kansas needs to win the battle of turnovers by at least two, needs to dominate the field position game, and hope for a defensive or special teams score. Barring that perfect storm, this one won’t be close. I think Texas will keep its focus, build a 20-3 halftime lead, and win by a final margin of 41-10, with most of its starters on the bench in the fourth quarter.


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