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Tuesday, November 8


Random News & Notes

A quick bullet point rundown before tomorrow’s forray into the Kansas game and our weekly national picks:

• Nine teams in the Big 12 rank in the top 50 in rushing defense nationally, including three in the top 10 and five in the top 20. Kansas (1), Oklahoma (2), Colorado (5), Iowa State (12), Texas (20), Nebraska (26), Texas A&M (37), Kansas State (39), and Texas Tech (47) have all been successful in keeping opponents’ running games in check. That’s partly a product of the lack of potent rushing attacks in the Big 12, but also indicative of the strong rush defense the conference always plays.

• Remember all the preseason hype about Reggie McNeal? Some even suggested that a McNeal for Vince Young swap might be in Texas’ best interest. Turns out that wouldn’t have been such a hot idea. McNeal is completing a mediocre 54.5% of his passes, with 14 TDs against 8 INTs. It’s been the Aggies rushing game, ranked 11th nationally with 224 yards per game, that’s saved the offense from complete destruction. That pass defense, too, needs a little work.

• Before the Pac 10 bandwagoneers come stampeding through here, we offer you this nugget: this year’s top 14 teams in total defense (in order of 1 to 14)—Miami, Virginia Tech, Alabama, West Virginia, Kansas, Texas, Ohio State, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Connecticut, and Penn State. Recognize any of those teams in the top half of the rankings these days? Before the Trojan flaming begins, let us offer this peace offering: This criticism doesn’t apply to you. Pete Carroll knows how to coach defense. We know that. Relax. Breathe.

• Ohio State has only forced 10 turnovers this year, good for 110th in the nation. Two of those, you may remember, came against the Horns. Bizarre. That stat just surprised me. I really think the Big 10 is this year’s SEC—head and shoulders above the rest. Poor Michigan has faced seven top thirty teams already. It makes me wonder if Penn State, and not Virginia Tech, might have been the best bet to unseat Texas’ Rose Bowl berth had they remained unbeaten.

• Matt Leinart (#1) and Vince Young (#3) are at the top of the passing efficiency leaders for the year. Leinart’s spot at the top surprises none, while Vince Young’s passing critics really are firing blanks. Cocky Trojan fans may not want to admit how good Young and Texas have been this year, but smart college football fans want this matchup. It’s not just narrative: these are your two best teams this year. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, narrative and the truth collide. I think this is one of those “good years” for the BCS. (Hehe—watch us lose to Kansas)

• While that previous bit of information may not have surprised you, I bet this will. Guess who checks in at #4 in the nation in passing efficiency? Troy Smith of Ohio State. The Buckeye-Wolverine game could shape up to be a dandy. (Paging Chad Henne!)

• Other stats USC and Texas excel in: 3rd down conversion percentage (USC 2nd nationally, Texas 5th), rushing defense (USC #19, Texas #20), and total offense (USC #1, Texas #4).

I don't know about you guys, but even though its ALMOST for sure Texas and USC will play in one of the most anticipated matchups ever known to man, we should save the Rose Bowl matchup talk for december. It will die if we start talking about it too soon. WOuld you all agree?
Ohio St forced 3 TOs against us. 2 from VY, and then one from our boy selvin young.
Wait. Kansas? Kansas is #1 in rush defense? I'm reading that right? After seeing that I'm almost inclined to believe that all of these numbers are just meaningless.
Just Out - sportsbook.com odds that Texas wins both the BCS and NCAA Hoops Championships for 2006:

I just dropped $30 on it (pays 1,050). Thoughts....comments??
Perhaps Ohio State's takeaway numbers and Texas's generous contributions to it are indicative more of Texas's poor ball control.
Hell, I'll drop $100 on it, never hurts to make a decent attempt to double the savings account.Giving up a night out in Hawaii for a pay period to bet on the Horns at 35-1 sounds good to me.

Reggie McNeal sucks...Everyone was slurping up to the guy after he helped A&M upset OU a couple years ago. What has he done since? Franchione isn't the only one to blame for A&M falling below Tech and now UTEP in the Texas Football food chain.
Sure Boi...I'm sure Texas' 14 turnovers (6 fumbles, 8 INTs) are no match for USC's stunningly low 11 (4 fumbles, 7 INTs).
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