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Tuesday, November 8


Barnes Lands Another

Rick Barnes has received another verbal commitment for next year's squad. DJ Augustin, a 6' 1" point guard from Sugar Land (via Louisiana after Katrina), is a 4 star recruit according to Scout.com and is rated the seventh best point guard in the country. Rick Barnes is securing a future after the inevitable departure of Daniel Gibson. Augustin is the sixth prospect to make a verbal commitment to the Horns. Again, verbal commitments are not binding, but if everyone signs this will be a definitely be a top 10 class. The early signing period starts tomorrow and continues through November 16th.

What a blissful time it is to be a Longhorn fan. Basketball will be the perfect prelude to a football national championship, and from that point, more domination, different arena.
If Texas wins Football and Basketball title in 2006 with the baseball title in 2005 doe that constitute a "Tiger Slam"?
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