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Monday, November 7


Hornsblog History

Back on September 25th, the Virginia Tech hype started to boil. In my notes from around the country, I offered my own take on the Hokies:

Sunday, September 25

Around the Nation
*I refuse to drink the Virginia Tech Kool-Aid. Yes, they have a good defense and an exciting young quarterback. But let’s tone down the praise, folks. Their only good win is at home versus Georgia Tech. Beat Miami and Florida State and we’ll talk. Marcus Vick will lose them a game before the year is over. Count on it.

Call this a shameless patting myself on the back if you like. I could care less. I'll be that guy: I told ya so...

Excellent prediction. You deserve to pat yourself on the back. And isn't it wonderful, we no longer have to listen to the Hokie whines about the potential BCS snub. They sucked on Saturday.
"I could care less" is an almost meaningless statement. The only thing that can be derived from it is that you do care, and that there are things that you care less about.

"I couldn't care less" would mean that you care the least about something.

"I couldn't care more" would mean that you care the most about something.

It's a good thing they try to edumucate you guys down there in Austin.
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