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Friday, November 4


Longhorn Fan Rooting Guide

It’s time for this week’s Longhorn Fan Rooting Guide. As we try to stay in the Rose Bowl slot for the BCS, Longhorn fans need to be rooting for favorable outcomes. Here’s this week’s breakdown:

Group One: Remaining Unbeatens
Root for ARIZONA over UCLA
Root for USC over STANFORD

Again, we’re on record saying we want a piece of USC, so we’ll continue to hope for a Rose Bowl showdown with the Trojans. The big one this week, of course, is the Miami-Virgina Tech game. The Hokies have the only realistic chance of overtaking the Horns, and if they win convincingly over Miami on Saturday night, they could erode the sizable lead the Horns currently hold in the human polls. The UCLA game is largely irrelevant. USC and UCLA will play at the end of the year, and barring some crazy Twilight Zone irregularity in the universe, they can’t both end the season undefeated.

Group Two: The Big 12
Root for TEXAS TECH over TEXAS A&M

This gets a little bit complicated, but let’s go over how this works. We want Colorado and Texas Tech to keep on winning. With victories over both those teams, we need them to be ranked as high as possibly at the end of the year. We’ll also (assuming we win out) have victories over Missouri and Texas A&M, but two victories over highly ranked teams add more to us than four wins over medium-ranked teams. We’re going to get dinged by playing A&M no matter what. At this point, we just want Colorado and Tech to keep winning to offset that loss by the increase we’ll add from their continued success.

The same concept applies in a slightly different way in the Nebraska-Kansas and Kansas State-Iowa State games. We want Nebraska to rack up as many victories as possible (except against Colorado at the end of the year) so that Tech, Oklahoma, and Colorado all get boosts from their victories over the Huskers. Likewise, we want Kansas State to win to add punch to Tech, OU, and CU’s victories over the Wildcats.

Group Three: The Rest
Root for RICE over SMU

These are all easy. Keep rooting like crazy for Ohio State. The Rose Bowl race is going to get tighter and tighter if everyone stays unbeaten. Texas’ chances of playing in the title very well may rest on how the Buckeyes finish out. Along with Texas, spend as much of your rooting capital as you can on Ohio State. Sorry,

Do not root for ULaLa over North Texas. Show my boys some love up here in Little D, please.
Wouldn't we want to root for Kansas since we play them next week? I would think that the records of teams we beat would be more important than the records of teams which our previous opponents have beaten. After all, it doesn't really matter where we are in the BCS this week, it's the end of the season that counts.
I think rooting for Nebraska would be correct to an extent in that their victory would bolster the strength of schedule of more "higher" quality UT opponents: Tech, Baylor, Mizzou, and OU. Regardless, rooting for any Big XII school this late in the season will result in you stepping on your own toes a little. It really just depends on how deep the voters look into each team's schedules and their opponents schedules.

Yeah, I can't believe I called Baylor a "higher" quality opponent either.
No - Kansas is going to hurt us no matter what, even if, should they win this week, they move up slightly in their rankings. What can really help us is if we have wins over HIGHLY ranked teams. To that end, we want our victories over OU, CU, and TTech to mean something. They all beat Nebraska, so we want their victories over Nebraska to boost THEIR rankings. The boosting of rankings to all three of those teams would outweigh any small benefit we'd get from our victory over Kansas. It's complicated, but that's how it works.
As far as I'm concerned, OU can continue to lose.

I could care less if Texas went 2-9 as long as they beat A&M and North-North Texas (aka. OU).

Sorry, I'm passionate =)

Give 'em hell, Give 'em hell... OU Sucks!
Rosebowl winner lines:
Texas 12-5
USC 5-9
VTech 8-1
Bama 12-1
Penn State 100-1
UGA 250-1
UCLA 20-1

VY 3-2
RB 5-7
ML 9-2

Vince is gonna tear his ACL today - mark my words!
Seriously, how do these worthless sacks of shit find their way on to the Internet? You really wish a painful and possibly career ending injury on a kid you don't even know? You do understand that this is just football, right? For all of you who continue to wish injury on Vince because of your blind loyalty to a fucking football team, I hope with all my heart that your mom gets in a serious car wreck. No, really, I do. A bad one where she ends up horribly disfigured.
Ok, so just about everything goes UT's way today!

Texas 62 Baylor 0

Colorado beats Missouri handily, they move up several notches into the Top 20

Kansas destroys Nebraska

Ohio State blows Illinois out of the Shoe

North Carolina beats BC, knocks them out of the Top 25

Notre Dame, Alabama struggled (Bama falls to both LSU and Auburn without a doubt)

Florida State loses to NC State

Cal loses to Oregon, knocking them out of the Top 25

UCLA got EXPOSED by 2-6 Arizona

Miami leading Va Tech 13-0

To be topped off by Tech demolishing the Aggies tonight, moving the Raiders up several spots closer to the Top 10
Miami just finished bitch slapping VD... oops, VT
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