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Thursday, November 3


Baylor Bears: Smack Talkers?

The doormats of the Big 12, inspired by the confidence of a bunch of almost-wins, have pulled themselves up off the floor and are... talking shit? Indeed, Baylor cornerback C.J. Wilson has gone all Rasheed on us before this Saturday's matchup with Texas. Says Wilson (via SBR):

"I'll make this prediction: If our offense gives us between 28 and 35 points, we'll win. We're going to accept this challenge head-on. We're not concerned with the BCS talk or the Heisman talk."

Seriously, this is akin to the Arizona Cardinals talking smack to the Patriots. And seriously, when you're the David of the matchup, do you really want to piss off Goliath? The idea is to catch a sleeping giant. Not an angry, storming giant.

Good luck, Baylor.


I'll make this prediction: If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.

And if Baylor scores between 28 and 35 points, I'll shave my head.
Same here. Oh wait, I'm already bald...
Travis, I'll hold you to that statement. If for some reason Texas decides to not field a defense and Baylor hits 28, I want you breaking out the razor. I'm serious.
Fine. Becuase I have a better shot at being the Cowboys' new kicker than Baylor does of scoring 28 points on Texas.

In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb right here on ATL and predict a shutout for Texas.
Baylor is gonna get smashed like I did at the Halloween party last weekend...and Rasheed at least backs up his guarantees and smack talk. I am gonna go with a 45-10, Texas wins big. Jo_Blo
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