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Wednesday, November 2


TJ's Back

He’s back. TJ Ford. Our favorite UT athlete of all time torched the 76ers in his first game back from spine surgery. TJ’s Bucks opened the season with a 117-108 overtime win in Philadelphia. Check out his numbers: 16 points, 14 assists, and nine rebounds. TJ is back and healthy and could turn the Bucks back into a playoff team. First year coach Terry Stotts had this to say about Ford, “There's no limitations at all. I know there's a lot of concern and interest, but from our perspective, he's 100 percent been cleared. He's ready to go and he's quick as ever." If he’s right, this could be another great year for this great athlete. ATL couldn’t be happier to see TJ back on the hardwood.

Almost makes me want to watch pro basketball.
It's great to see him running around out there...14 assists, not bad. Hopefully he'll have a breakout year in the league.
Favorite UT athlete ever. Love him. Vince a close 2nd.
Do you think we could get him to come back for his senior year?
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