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Tuesday, November 1


Dream Games

Most teams have just three or four games left. But what if we could change boring matchups to more exciting ones? Here are the Top 10 Games We'd Like to See.

Texas Tech vs. UCLA: Offense only. First team to score eighty wins.

Florida St vs. Penn St: Two storied programs led by senile old giants.

Air Force vs. Miami: Coach DeBerry thought TCU was fast. Wait until he sees the ‘Canes.

Stanford vs. Alabama: losing team must change its mascot from a shade of red to a shade of pink.

Hawaii vs. Maine: because Asia and Europe are closer than these two.

Florida vs. Georgia Part II: this time with Shockley. Anyone think the Gators win again? Didn’t think so.

Rice vs. Temple: one team actually gets enjoy a game.

Texas A&M vs. UTEP: winner is arguably the fourth best team in Texas.

Tennessee vs. Purdue: just to see who is still overrated.

USC vs. Virginia Tech: once and for all we settle who is the second best team in the country.

Comments? Other suggestions?


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USC and Va Tech settled this last year...

Why doesn't Texas play anoyone better than Rice?
Someone like Ohio State?

Yeah, we should look into that.
no, someone better than louisiana lafayette...look into that shit
But Louisiana-Lafayette is better than Rice.

Doesn't that answer your original question?
Haha, that Air Force vs. Miami matchup was pretty hilarious. How about USC vs. SF 49ers, or Texas vs. Houston Texans. Can these 2 college powerhouses beat their pathetic in-state NFL counterparts.
Texas vs. OU, Part Two - so we can shut up all the Land Thieves who insist they would have won if AD (Already Done) had been at full strength.
While I would be the first to admit that UCLA's defense often sucks, I think they deserve a little recognition for this weekend's work. If not for the defense, UCLA would have had no chance to come back. First of all, I believe 14 of those 24 points (in regulation) were scored because of a turnover by the offense. Stanford's offense had drives of 37 and 27 yards to score those 2 TDs. As for the last 8 minutes of the game, plus OT, with UCLA down 24-3, UCLA's defense held them to 1 first down and 11 yards. For the whole game, Stanford had around 300 yards. Again, I'm not saying UCLA's defense is now great (or even good), but they are improving. Stanford's offense may have been crappy at the beginning of the season, but the 3 games prior to the UCLA game, Stanford had played pretty well. Hopefully, UCLA can learn to put together a complete game by December 3, but in the meantime, I think the defense will do better from here on out.
but its stanford.
"USC vs. Virginia Tech: once and for all we settle who is the second best team in the country."

I absolutely agree. Of course, the losing team would be #2, and this game isnt just a dream, it will soon be played in the Rose Bowl.
Pap! Say it out loud... you know you wanna!

Go Kansas... dem Jayhawks gonna be rustling up dem Shorthorns all weekend long! Yesirree!!!

Y'all are goin' down, down, down!

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