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Thursday, October 27


Texas vs Oklahoma State Preview

Oklahoma State 15 Montana State 10
Oklahoma State 23 Florida Atlantic 3
Oklahoma State 20 Arkansas State 10
Oklahoma State 0 Colorado 34
Oklahoma State 31 Missouri 38
Oklahoma State 23 Texas A&M 62
Oklahoma State 10 Iowa State 37

Average score: Oklahoma State 17 Opponent 28

Wow. That's including the three puff cakes they played at the beginning of the year. Folks, this is a bad football team. I'm not sure how you lose to Iowa State by 27 points. I'm not sure how you only beat Montana State by 5 points.

Is there anything to preview here? Not really. A loss here would be the biggest upset in the last ten years, easily. So, rather than breakdown how much better we are than them, here are a few questions in my mind this week:

*Will Quan Cosby assume the punt returning duties permanently? (He looked great against Tech)

*How healthy is Jamaal Charles?

*How far back has Selvin Young really come?

*Will Texas cover the 37 point spread and move to 8-0 ATS for the year?

*Does Bevo ever get full?

*How nervous will Joe be at his wedding? How drunk will I be?

As you can see, my attention span for this game is limited. I expect nothing short of a total blowout. Anything under a 30 point shellacking will be a disappointment. Joe picked a good weekend to get married, after all.

The only thing that O-State has won this season is the right to be called the worst team in the Big 12.
Yeah, I know what you mean. Next week when Texas plays Kansas, my friend is getting married (and he is a much bigger Horns fan than I am). Hopefully, I can TiVo it and watch it when I get home and no one will ruin it for me before that(along with the UCLA-Arizona game).
It might be a little easier to avoid hearing about the Kansas game, but when I was at a wedding during the Ohio State game, it was impossible. Needless to say, there were about 20 of us huddled around a guy on his cell phone giving us play-by-play of the game.

As for the questions of the week, the biggest one involves Selvin Young. I don't know about you, but I saw a different running back on the field last week, and I think it has to do to the fact that he is about as close to 100% as he has ever been since his freshman year.

He showed greater quickness and looked a lot more fluid in his cuts. He still hesitates a little too much at the line of scrimmage, but he's doing it a lot less. With both of those guys healthy, I think we have our own version of Auburn's backfield last year.
Everyone should email Skip Bayless for being a total fucking idiot

The man's name is "Skip" and he's on 'Cold Pizza'. I wouldn't take anything he says seriously...
He also said that T.O. was to blame for the Eagles sucking, then a few days later said that it wasn't T.O.'s fault. Then he said that he thinks Lance Armstrong is not one of the greatest athletes of all time (this one is debatable, but I think if you dominate a sporting event for so long, you should at least get consideration), the Masters are more enjoyable than game 7 of any pro sport final, and that March Madness isn't that great. I feel ashamed that this guy used to write for my local paper, the San Jose Mercury News, where he constantly complained about the championship A's and 49ers teams of the late 80s/early 90s. Moron.
He used to work for the Dallas Morning News, but was fired after he got his dumbass self banned from Cowboys games. The guy is a first class moron. Hmmm... I smell a post.
Someone I know just emailed him:

Name: Skip
Email: skip@coldpizza.com
Comment:Hi. My name is Skip, and I am an idiot.

I just finished writing the worst column ever.

I am such an OU homer (see my earlier column on why Adrian Peterson doesn't have to go to class) that I have to rip Texas at every chance.

Don't forget to tune in each morning with the other 4 people who watch Cold Pizza as I continue embrassing myself for your viewing pleasure.

I don't get it. Virginia Tech's only impressive victory right now is a 51-7 win over Georgia Tech (I don't think beating West Virginia is anything special). They barely got by NC State and they struggled until late against Maryland. And this is the team that is going to be the best test for USC.

What a joke.

And a team we beat on their home field is actually better than us? Bayless has been an idiot ever since he was in Dallas - how do people like that keep finding work?

And for God's sake, spell Oscar Mayer correctly. Although the headline might not be his fault.
Montana State is an f***ing powerhouse. They live in Bozeman, nuff said.
Another OSU game question for ya... Do Robison and Crowder get 10 sacks between 'em? I'd say 6 for BR and 4 for TC. Or maybe let Rod have one of those.
Taken from the ESPN Pick 'em polls. (26,000 votes)

2) No. 2 Texas at Oklahoma State: Who wins?

94.4% Texas
5.6% Oklahoma State

I know we have a few people around that aren't that wise, but this is the mismatch of the week (North Texas vs. LSU is about on the same level) According to my calculations, we have an estimated 1,500 people that are on equal intellectual footing with Skip Bayless. Not good at all. I don't know why that number isn't 100%.

Texas Too much
OSU Nothing

Hook 'em
I was searching for blogs that had Dallas, TX in them and came across yours. I live in Dallas and have a self defense school. I like the posts on your blog, so I've bookmarked it to stop back by periodically. Take care.
WTF? OSU up on us 21-6!!!!
I don't know if we belong in the title game anymore.
I agree, this is pathetic. The defense had better pull its head from its @#$ soon!!
seems like the teams' attention span for this game is limited too.
i am now conviced that virginia tech will be a better challenge for USC after seeing the supposed best Texas defense of the past 50 years give up 28 first half points to Oklahoma State. Texas was lucky Oklahoma State gave up in the second half and that Vince Young saved Mack Brown's ass one more time. Young had a good game, Texas had a shitty game. Voters, give those first place votes back to SC. Now.
Vince Young is the undisputed MVP (not Heisman winner) in college football for a reason. As said above, the rest of the team didn't perform well today. For the record, that's 8 times that VY has saved Mack's ass.
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