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Monday, October 24



Texas is your new #1 team in the BCS, folks. The week two rankings, released moments ago, have Texas ahead of USC by the slimmest of margins, thanks to a #1 ranking by every computer ranking system used in the formula. Texas’ computer rankings will dip as they play out the remainder of their schedule against weak competition, but for one week at least, the Horns are #1. Virginia Tech, Georgia, Alabama, and UCLA all sit a good distance behind front-runners USC and Texas.

#1 in all computer polls except for that rat bastard Sagarin! I knew there was something fishy about his rankings.
wow, that is a TINY margin, and i agree, it won't stay like that as the year plays out, but at least we have a very comfortable margin on vatech
I would also like to salute OU on their most recent #1 ranking as well:

Who says the BCS doesn't know what they're doing? At least for one week they finally have it right...
The BCS throws out a team's best and worst computer rankings; thus, Texas lost a #1 and a #2, but retained a perfect computer score of 100.
The only reason we're number 2 in Sagarin's rankings is that the BCS doesn't use his actual ratings. He had to come up with a different rating that doesn't take into account margin of victory, etc.

If you look at his rankings on USAToday.com, he has us at #1, too, just not in the rankings that the BCS uses.
Barring any upsets, looks like its gonna be USC-TEXAS in the Rose Bowl. We'll be waiting for u in our backyard of Pasadena. Everyone has their own opinion on who the #1 team in the country is, but we'll settle it January 4th.
The Trojans are finally done with their horrific road schedule ( besides cal), so SC will finish up with 5 of their remaining 6 including the rose bowl in southern california, where they will complete the most impressive feat, a third straight national title. And Texas, don't forget, everyone last year said oklahoma was playing better that USC and that they should be number 1. I'm feeling a little deja vu, and USC will be waiting for you where this national title streak started, in our backyard, the Rose Bowl. Bring your A-game because we never forget ours. Just ask your owner, Oklahoma.
I just hope all of the other undefeated's go down. I don't want to hear the idiots say that Va. Tech had a chance to beat Texas. It wouldn't happen. And Georgia and 'Bama? Really... I don't think so. I want to see Texas knock off USC and no one else have an undefeated season just so there is no question. If Va. Tech does win out, Texas should still be on top due to the disparity in BCS ratings. Oh, I can't wait until the Cowboy beating next week.
Just to add to the anti-USC rhetoric:


And people wonder why I refer to USC students as rich, spoiled cheaters...
How could USC win a third-straight national title this year? Didn't LSU win it in 2003?

If you say, well, USC won the AP title in 2003, then you discredit the whole BCS system and the rankings and bowls mean nothing. Including this year's BCS system and last year's Texas rose bowl win.

BTW ... USC didn't want any part of LSU in New Orleans that night two years ago like no one would want USC or UCLA in this year's Rose Bowl
Texas, Do You Really Want Some of This?


And They're Keeping Their Horns Sharp in Texas

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