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Monday, October 24


ATL Top 25

1. Texas (Won by 35 despite subpar game)
2. Southern Cal (Offense still nation’s best)
3. Virginia Tech (A notch below TX, USC)
4. Georgia (Shockley injury could be fatal)
5. Alabama (Defense keeping Tide alive)
6. Miami (Game vs GA Tech postponed)
7. UCLA (Another great Pac 10 offense)
8. LSU (Les Miles STILL sucks)
9. Ohio State (Offense coming around; look out)
10. Florida State (Beat Duke; hooray)
11. Boston College (Big game vs Va Tech this Thurs)
12. Notre Dame (Rolled over BYU)
13. Penn State (Ron Zook sucks)
14. Wisconsin (The Big 10 is weird)
15. Oregon (Got by Arizona)
16. TCU (Only one loss for Horned Frogs)
17. Florida (Big game vs GA this week)
18. West Virginia (The Big East is baaad)
19. Texas Tech (Exposed by Texas defense)
20. Fresno State (Can they challenge USC?)
21. Northwestern (Nice to see them playing well)
22. Tennessee (Squeaked by Auburn)
23. Auburn (Heartbreaker)
24. California (Don’t look like they can beat USC)
25. Minnesota (See: Wisconsin)

Not to take anything away from Vince Young, but I just wanted to pub some players who aren't getting the recognition they might deserve (to finish behind Vince, who deserves it the most).

Consider these 2 QBs:

QB #1: 149-for-222, 67.1%, 1,874 yds, 21 TDs, 3 INTs, 119.1 QB Rating

QB #2: 145-for-224, 64.7%, 2,148 yds, 16 TDs, 5 INTs, 110.5 QB Rating

QB #2 may have more yards, but I think I would take #1 over #2. Their identities? #1 = Drew Olson, UCLA, #2 = Matt Leinart, USC

RB #1: 605 rushing yds (5.2 yds per rush), 273 rec yards, total 1,299 all-purpose yards, 16 TDs

RB #2: 812 rushing yds (8.6 yds per rush), 244 rec yards, total 1,422 all-purpose yards, 13 TDs.

RB #2 is better overall, but I think #1 is not too far behind. Luckily, he has been getting some pub lately.

RB #1 = Reggie Bush, USC
RB #2 = Maurice Drew, UCLA

I think Drew Olson deserves at least a nod, considering he has been making some great decisions. Hopefully this will all be decided on December 3.
Sorry, I switched those last 2. RB #1 is Maurice Drew and RB #2 is Reggie Bush.
No love for the Buffalos? CU has 2 losses, to your #1 and #6 and yet you will not give them a top 25? Although Texas exposed CU's secondary as second rate, Joel Klatt has some impressive numbers and the D overall held Miami at Miami to 2 touchdowns (one meaningless 4th Quarter) and 2 field goals, despite giving up two interceptions in their own territory. I'm not saying they are in the top 15, but they should be top 25 worthy.
#22 Tenn. Lost to Arkansas they didnt play Auburn.
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