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Thursday, October 20


Lessons from the Rose Bowl... Errr... Comment War

Well, our open letter to USC sparked a nice little comment war. 445 comments in all—not a bad turnout. And we certainly learned a lot from all the comments. To sum:

*In the last three years, USC has won 0, 1, 2, or 3 national championships, depending who you ask.

*There are a LOT of people who definately don’t know how to spell.

*There are an equal number of people who strongly believe that the best line of attack is another man’s sexuality.

*There are a lot of SEC fans who apparently thought USC referred to the Gamecocks, not the Trojans.

*George Bush is a pretty unpopular dude.

*So is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

*Laguna Beach is awesome.

*Laguna Beach is NOT awesome.

*Best comment exchange:
USC fan: “You Texans are as dumb as your horses.”
Texas fan: “My horse is smarter than your honor student.”

*Worst comment exchange:
USC winner: “Hey Texas fans has Pujols ball landed yet????? Houston.....we have a problem!!All you yahoo's out in Texas enjoy that big WHINE.....oops I mean win against OU (OVERATED UNIVERSITY) because the rest of the ink you will be getting in another big game will be how SC smack daddied you.............” [sic]

Texas winner: “Hey California, does your catcher know how to tag a runner out on a third strike?”

Many of the comments were amusing, some were even informative, but too many were just tasteless rants by seemingly pre-adolescent fans. Fortunately, life is not a Jim Rome Smack Down death match. If Texas and USC can get to the Rose Bowl, it will be settled on the field.

Until then, we’ll keep on jawing… right clones?


"There are a LOT of people who definately don’t know how to spell."

I giggled
While I have argued for which conference is better, people seem to use that as an argument as to which team (Texas or USC) is better, based on who else is in their conference. Personally, I find that to be a ridiculous argument. Unless the difference between conferences is SO big (like say, going undefeated in the Sun Belt vs going undefeated in the SEC), it really doesn't make that much of a difference who plays in a tougher conference. There is no conference where there is 1 good team and everyone else is horrendously bad. At the bare minimum, there is at least 1 other good team who could be in any conference and do well. But a team can't be held responsible for the performance of the other teams in its conference.
Argument? What argument? USC is the two-time defending National Champion. We spanked Oklamhoma last year after they spanked you. There IS no argument until you win something.
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