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Wednesday, October 19


Selvin Young To Start

Mack Brown announced on Wednesday after practice that Selvin Young will start at tailback against Texas Tech. He will have more information about Jamaal Charles on Thursday. Here is what he said about Selvin.

"Selvin gets better every time he goes out there. We felt like since he broke the left ankle last year and he sprained the right ankle this year that he is having to go back and get confidence pushing off both ankles again. When he has worked so hard on the right one, the left one got weak again so he has had to go back and rehab. There were four times Saturday where he looked like the old Selvin to me when he planted and really made a great run. He played fantastically without the ball, so what we have to get him to do is to get the confidence back that he can plant on either ankle and turn up field and be aggressive. He has looked better this week than he did last week. He will start the game."

What does this mean for the Horns? The game was already more likely to resemble a track meet than a football game. Now without our star tailback, Tech may be able to key more on our passing game. Colorado made a conscious decision last Saturday to stop the run. They loaded up near the line of scrimmage and dared VY to beat them through the air. We all know how that turned out. Will Tech scheme their defense similarly? Probably, and it won't matter. Texas Tech's defense is not good enough to prevent us from scoring. So, if they load the box, it could be Colorado all over again. If Tech takes advantage of not seeing Charles in the backfield, VY and Selvin will have success on the ground. We would love to see Jamaal in the staring lineup, but ATL is not worried as long as we have Vince Young.

Thank god. I never want to see Jamaal again. I prefer a running game that absolutely SUCKS! If Selvin fumbles I am charging the field.
Fine. Let Jamaal heal. I don't want him on that ankle until the A&M game. Ankle injuries linger for a long time and I want him 100% by the end of the year. That said, Selvin does look terrible running the ball. So slow. No moves. I'd much rather see Ramonce out there. Sure, he's small, but so what? He can handle 12-15 carries. Let Melton and Selvin split another 10, and Vince can do the rest.
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