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Monday, October 17


Seth Davis Previews the Hoops Team

Andrew tipped off the ATL basketball coverage last week with his excellent season preview. We’ll continue to cover the hoops team as the season approaches. For today, check out this preview from SI.com’s Seth Davis, who made Austin the first stop on his preseason hoops road trip. It's a great preview and provides excellent insight into why Barnes is such a good coach.

from the article:
My visit began with a guided tour of the $14 million practice and locker room facility for the men's and women's basketball teams that opened two years ago. It ended at Maudie's Tex-Mex restaurant on Lake Austin Boulevard, where some of Barnes' pals and I ate dinner and then stood for -- I kid you not -- 90 minutes listening to Barnes tell hilarious coaching stories.

Just further proof that Rick Barnes is a mastermind.
Seriously - the Maudie's throw in was awesome. I miss it. A lot.
for those of you living in Texas still, or even COlorado and New Mexico (not the same but the chili is good) you do not understand what Peter and I have to go through not eating mexican food that is worth a damb.
New Mexico?

Wells, they don't even have the internet there yet.
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