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Monday, October 17


Leinart for Heisman? Not a chance

Vince Young may not have quite the resume that USC’s Matt Leinart has, but he’s been his equal, if not superior, thus far this year. And no, we don’t just mean “once you factor in his running.” You heard a lot of non-Texas fans unfairly criticize Vince as a running back playing quarterback. Well, if he’s a slouch throwing the ball, then so is Leinart. Ladies and gentlemen, their 2005 stats:

Leinart: 125 completions of 198 attempts (63.1%), 9.83 yards per completion, 12 TDs, 5 INTs, 105.3 QB rating

Young: 93 completions of 138 attempts (67.4%), 9.83 yards per completion, 12 TDs, 5 INTs, 113.1 QB rating

The least you can say is that Leinart and Young have been equally effective. The most you can say is Young has been better. Regardless, this is still before we even look at their rushing abilities. Young has rushed for 413 yards and 5 touchdowns, while Leinart has stumbled to only 22 yards and 3 scores. Tell me again: who’s the better Heisman candidate?

I will say this, though. Reggie Bush is a BEAST. Now there’s a guy who might be more deserving than Vince Young for the Heisman. But please, spare me the Leinart hype. We’re not buying it. You shouldn’t either.


I totally agree. I think Leinart has kind of been "grandfathered in," because he was so good last year and is on an undefeated team. He got away with 2 INTs and no passing TDs yesterday, and probably would have been blamed if USC had lost. I don't doubt he is a great player, but definitely below Vince Young and Reggie Bush. If we were going strictly on stats for QBs on undefeated teams, you could probably argue for Cody Hodges, Marcus Vick, or even Drew Olson of UCLA. But it is clearly a 2-horse race between Bush and Young.

Cody Hodges, 192 of 268 (71.6%), 12.82 YPC, 119.6 QB Rating

Marcus Vick, 73 of 107 (68.2%), 14.29 YPC, 122.9 QB Rating

Drew Olson, 133 of 198 (67.2%), 12.12 YPC, 110.9 QB Rating
One reason I think Vince Young for Heisman over EVERYBODY else? The defense has eleven pairs of eyes on Vince, all game. With USC, some defensive guys have to keep track of Leinart, some have to keep track of Jarrett, Smith, and Byrd, and others have to keep track of White and Bush. Every week the game plan for the opposition is the same when they play UT. Stop Vince Young. That's it, not any simpler, no more complex. And He (I think we should anoint VY to deity levels) continues to put up solid wins and very impressive numbers.

As for the chatter going on this weekend, I have a newfound respect for OU fans. As dumb as they are, they at least know football and make arguements based on facts. All the talk of Pac-10 supremacy and USC's victory over ND being much better than UT's victory over Ohio State was not only ridiculous, but factually incorrect. I hope we face USC in the Rose Bowl and show them how our big cornfed O-line dominates the Pac-10 like the Big Ten and anyone else who plays us.
That's why they award it at the END of the season.
vince young, a running qb. need i say more. lienart is wayyyy better.
Marcus Vick's Numbers are just as good as both of your quarterbacks 73 of 107, 1043 yds 68.2 9.75 10 2 177.2

and Brady Quinn's are better
yah but marcus vick is lunky virgina tech let him come back. and besides he to stupid come back i don't know y they let him back
I think Bush will win the trophy, but I think right now you'd have to say that Leinart and Young are in a dead heat for 2nd. Yes, VY has better stats, but who has he played? He's played exactly one tough game, and won't get challenged again for the rest of the year. Leinart, on the other hand, has played 3 ranked teams on the road, and nailed a 4th down pass at South Bend that VY wouldn't even dream of attempting. Bottom line, Leinart has done almost as well statistically as VY - but he's had a much tougher road to get there.
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