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Friday, October 14


Scary stuff

Andrew mentioned the report on Charles ankle, which you can see here. If Charles isn't healthy, it's a worrisome sign for Texas. The offensive line is part of what makes the rushing attack so good, but Selvin Young has been scary this year, putting the ball on the ground over and over. His inability to hit holes well has been troubling, too. He showed signs of improvement against Oklahoma on Saturday, despite fumbling on his first play from scrimmage, but he'll need to be very sharp on Saturday if we're forced to use him as our feature back. Vince Young's arm becomes a critical key to the game with this development. If he has a good day passing, we'll be fine. If not, this game could be a nail biter.

Why was Jamaal, four days removed from an ankle injury, out running plays during practice? It just makes no sense. He's much, much too valuable to have something like this linger for the rest of the season. I don't care if he *can* play this weekend, I hope the coaches have enough sense to sit him down and let him heal in time to play Tech. Hell, let him heal until A&M. Yes, Selvin will fumble on Saturday. But he's still enough for the Horns to beat CU. And with Ramonce and Hank the Tank backing him up, there really is no need for concern this game.

By the way, why all of the concern? Haven't you guys figured it out by now? Texas is really, really good. Don't let that blowout against A&M fool you. A&M is a horrible, horrible team and CU is very mediocre. Horns win by three touchdowns easy. How soon you guys forget that Texas now has a leader on the field that won't let it play down to the level of its competition.
Eric - thanks for commenting. I agree that we should be conservative with the usage of Charles lest we create a lingering problem. Selvin makes me nervous, but I agree that we'll have enough to win.

I do think you're turning a bit of a blind eye to what we've said, though. Travis picked the Horns by 21, and I picked them by 18. I originially had us winning by 27 before the Charles injury news. I don't know that we've forgotten how good Texas is at all. We're just giving Colorado a bit more respect than you are. A fair disagreement, I'd say.

Thanks for checking in and commenting, as always.

I hear ya. I guess I've just become very cocky. As Travis can attest, I was much more cautious before the OU game. But now I'm of the firm belief that Texas is unbeatable. Foolish? Absolutely. But I don't care. I've spent so many years waiting for a team like this one to come along that I'm just throwing caution to the wind and declaring them unstoppable. But, uh, you know, they really need Jamaal running on two good wheels.
Eric, it's about damn time you took a giant gulp of the burnt orange kool-aid. Tasty isn't it?

I did a freakin' keg stand of that kool-aid after winning at Ohio State. And I don't care what happens to Ohio State the rest of the way. Nothing can diminish that win. I think had Ohio State beaten us, they'd run the table. Now they may lose 2 or 3 games.

We are awesome. We are going to win the national championship. Put it in three-inch headlines. I used to be scared of USC, but not anymore. They're chumps living off the rep of their past two teams.

I hope they are still undefeated and facing us in the Rose Bowl, so our season will be perfect. I want to take the belt from them, just like the Ultimate Warrior did to Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI.
Oh, man, how great would it be if every big time championship had a belt? Could you see Vince running up to the fans, climbing up into the stands, holding that belt high like The Rock when he climbs the turnbuckles? It would be the single greatest thing ever.
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