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Friday, October 14


The Heisman Pundit Weighs In On Charles

I sent a note to fellow blogger Heisman Pundit about our boy Jamaal Charles, curious if he was aware of the jewel we've got down here in Austin. Turns out, we're not the only ones who've noticed how great he is, and could become. Here's what Heisman Pundit had to say in response to my query:

I actually am really aware of Charles.... me and my friend College football pundit were really impressed by him after the first game of the year... there was talk of Selvin Young and Melton, etc., but we knew that Charles was special from the start and that he was going to turn into a dominant back...in fact, I'm probaby going to write something next week about how he's going to be part of the next wave of Heisman candidates that will break in starting next year (when he won't win, but will make waves) and on into 2007 (when he'll be a junior and have a real shot). I actually think he's the best back Texas has seen in a while...and I'm talking since Earl Campbell maybe.

Good job on your site...hope you guys make it to the Rose Bowl...

--Heisman Pundit--

Smart guy, that Heisman Pundit. If you don't already read
his website, you should. Beyond being the best source of Heisman news and analysis I've found, it's a great site for general college football info. Be sure to check in on it regularly.

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