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Wednesday, October 12


Hornsblog History

As we approach the one year anniversary of All Things Longhorn, we'll periodically take a look back at some of the interesting topics that have popped up over the last twelve months. Today, we revisit a post from November 24, 2004, when we discussed whether or not Fire Mack Brown talk was fair or not.

Is 'Fire Mack Brown' Talk Fair?
My friend and I had an interesting debate about whether Texas should seriously consider firing Mack Brown. It’s not difficult to find people who do want to fire him, but a lot of the talk you hear is just emotional ranting. But is it a legitimate question?

To begin with, yes, it’s a legitimate question. If you lose five times in a row to Oklahoma, it’s a legitimate question. Maybe that’s a tough standard, but the fans of Texas have high expectations. Mack Brown knew this when he came to town.

With that said, losing over and over to Oklahoma is not enough to fire Mack Brown. (Not yet anyway.) Not when the team is finishing in the top 10 every single year. Not when we’re consistently landing elite recruiting classes.

However, with that said, top 10 success alone is not enough for Mack Brown to be immune from firing. While losing one big game a year is not enough to fire Mack at this point, refusing to fire the most unimaginative offensive coordinator in the country is. Texas held Oklahoma to 12 points. That should be enough for a win.

Mack Brown gets unfairly criticized for not being some kind of play-calling genius. In my view, he doesn’t have to be. At least he doesn’t if he’s consistently surrounding himself with brilliant assistant coaches who are. With Greg Davis running the offense, that’s not the case. And it raises a serious question about whether Texas should continue to let Mack Brown be the head coach.

Things change so quickly, don't they? In fact, the once popular www.firemackbrown.com is no longer even up on the web. Hard to argue. Pretty much a waste of the $20 a month to have the site hosted.

After attending and watching most of those losses in the past 5 years, it seems like "Fire Mack Brown" wasn't uttered as much between myself and my friends as "Fire Greg Davis." We all remember his conservative play calling, with the old "Run, Run, Pass, Punt" strategy against OU. Whether that was Davis' doing or Brown's doing, it looks like whoever was calling the plays this year has loosened up and learned to trust his offense more.
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