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Tuesday, October 11


No Time To Worry

You’re going to start hearing BCS ballyhooing in the coming days and weeks. Texas fans will lament that the Horns, despite being ranked #2 in all of the human polls, are lagging behind in the BCS standings. Don’t panic. Yet. The fact is, from where I’m sitting, Texas is in an enviable position. The argument is simple: I’d rather be in Texas’ shoes than anyone else, no matter where they open up in the early BCS standings.

Perhaps you’ll be envious of Virginia Tech as they debut in front of the Horns. Don’t be. They’ve still got to play Miami and Florida State (ACC title game, if they make it). I don’t care if you were to get both of those games at home—that’s a scary proposition.

What about Georgia, or Penn State, or Florida State? Well, you’re behind Texas in the human polls by a couple spots (at least) already, and you’ve got a LOT in front of you. It’s going to be tough to win out, let alone jump the Horns.

And USC? They’ve got the benefit of being the front runner, but they’ve got UCLA, Cal, and Notre Dame left on the schedule. No thanks. I’d rather have my remaining tests be Colorado and Texas Tech.

Two more facts for comfort: last year at this time there were thirteen unbeaten teams remaining. This year, there are nine. With the head-to-head matchups to come, there can be a maximum of five unbeaten teams at the end of the year. The fact is that there are three unbeaten teams every fifteen years or so. The odds of Texas being this year’s Auburn are not all that great, at this point.

And how about our friends/bitches to the north, Oklahoma? They debuted at #3 in the BCS poll last year, then finished in the #2 slot for their chance in the title game. There may be a time and place to panic, Horns fans. But it ain’t now.

here's something to worry about. on a saturday afternoon in october 2001, texas beat up on colorado in austin, 41-7. the 2 teams met again that december for the big 12 championship. knowing florida (AP #2) had just lost to tennessee, a texas (AP #3) win would have sent the horns to the rose bowl to play for the national championship. texas lost to colorado, 37-39.

things are starting to look eerily similar for 2005. know your history. don't repeat it...

10/20/01: texas beats colorado 41-7

12/01/01: no.5 tennessee beat no. 2 florida

12/01/01: no. 3 horns lose to no. 10 buffs, 37-39

12/08/01: no. 2 vols lose to no. 21 tigers

12/24/01: nebraska chosen over colorado to play miami in rose bowl
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