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Thursday, October 6


Hornsblog on the radio

Longhorn fans and ATL readers, be sure to tune in to the radio later today as I'll be on the air discussing the Red River Rivalry on America Online's sports radio network. You can tune in to the show at http://sports.aol.com/bloggerslive The radio program will be taped this afternoon and available for download on the site at around 5:00 EDT. Be sure to check it out this evening.

i missed it. is there a link to the shows recording?
The show was recorded this afternoon and will be available to listen to at the website this evening, around 5:00 Eastern time. Follow the link then listen to the webcast of the show there. Send me an email if you have trouble.
Don't mean to make a big deal of this, but according to your clock, there is 1 day, 20 hours and about 40 minutes until the game starts. Right now it is 4:20pm Central Time, which means that 1 day, 20 hours and 40 minutes from now is 1pm Central time. However, the game is at 12pm, isn't it?
The clock is set to your time zone. So for example, I'm on the west coast and that crap is always 3 hours off for me.
Future UT running back is on T.V. right now in TX on FOX Sports SW. HE is a fucking fast, big mo fo. He already scored against Tyler Lee on the second play of the game.

Vondrell McGee is a four star recruit from Longview on Rivals.

He is bad ass.
OK, if you click on the link in it Takes you to the SBL website. There is a link on the right hand side to download todays show. Bean's commentary is between the 34th and 38th minute. Nice job Bean - those guys doing the interview are a bunch of jokers though. After you hang up they say that OK is winning. Yeah right.
Just listened to it Bean. Good job.

Regardless of the time zone, the time remaining should be the same. Here in the Central Time Zone, it will be on at 12, and in the Eastern Time Zone it will be on at 1. So, even there it should be wrong...
Look, no matter what time it is when you guys look at the clock, you can be assured of one thing ...

OU still sucking.
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