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Wednesday, October 5


Gameday Breakdown: Coaching

You didn’t think we were going to give Texas the edge in every department, did you? While we’ve been praising Mack Brown for his recent success, his inability to beat the Sooners for the last five years has been very troubling. A loss this year would be simply devastating. We won’t go into the implications of a Texas loss in this game, but let’s just say that some heads would roll. (We’re looking at you, Greg.) The Sooner coaches have outclassed the Texas coaches for half a decade now, so long that UT fans are sporting Reverse the Curse bracelets these days. It’s gotten that bad.

As we’ve noted in the positional breakdowns, Texas has a talent edge all over the field. We’re 14 point favorites, and rightfully so. We’re better than Oklahoma this year and a loss would be a terrible upset. And as the praise flows to the top, so does the blame. Mack Brown simply must win this game. Greg Davis simply must get points on the board.

With the national title well out of reach for the usually high-achieving Sooners, this game is their season. It’s their chance to define their season and take a huge step forward as they rebuild. Bob Stoops and his capable assistants will be uber-prepared for this game, and for the past five years, it’s been a big Oklahoma edge.

The last time Texas beat Oklahoma was 1999, when Stoops was new to the team and Texas had the talent edge. From that point forward, the two teams had very evenly matched teams, but the coaching advantage proved decisive, in many cases. This year, there exists a talent gap. Texas is better. And this year, there must not be a talent gap in the coaching. The indications are positive for Greg and Mack so far this year, but this is their ultimate test.

Advantage: Moderate Oklahoma Edge

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