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Wednesday, October 5


Gameday Breakdown: Receivers

It’s hard to evaluate the Oklahoma receivers because they’re a bit like Texas’ corps was last year: young and inexperienced. Stoops thinks he has some playmakers in the bunch, and Travis Wilson’s not bad, but the group as a whole hasn’t done much so far. Of course, the OU quarterbacks have been miserable, so it’s not fair to place the blame entirely on them. The Sooners will learn a lot about their group this week.

For Texas, it’s an improving group. Billy Pittman has improved tremendously, David Thomas is a great receiving tight end, Brian Carter has begun to contribute, and Ramonce Taylor has explosive ability in the open field. They aren’t reminding anyone of those great receiving groups we saw at Miami and Florida State in the day, but it’s an improving group.

Advantage: Slight Texas Edge


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