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Tuesday, October 4


Texas BCS Trouble

Fanblogs has busted out their BCS crystal ball, and they foresee the same computer problems for Texas that we noted yesterday. If an ACC team winds up undefeated, Texas could wind up on the outside looking in.

Still, all we can do at this point is win games. It’s one thing for us to obsess over the details of it all here at the blog, but let’s hope our players stay focused on what takes place between the lines. We’ll worry about the rest.

We'll be the USC of two years ago. People arent going to stop voting us number 2.

If we get shut out of the Rose Bowl sure we'll gnash teeth and pull hair but after that we'll kick the crap out of someone in the Fiesta Bowl. If Va Tech beats USC, voila, another split national championship and the closer we get to the playoff systen.
Let me make this clear. There is no way that an undefeated Texas gets shut out of the Rose Bowl. Not happening. If you think that ABC is going to allow it, you're insane.
- Eric
That's not clear at all, Eric. They system is transparent. What's ABC going to do? Announce a change in the formula in December to allow Texas to move past Virginia Tech or whoever might be ahead of them?

We can talk about the monetary interests of ABC until the cows come home, but the BCS rules are explicity defined, and as such, have no margin for being changed mid-season. I fail to see why you think this is a slam dunk for Texas, Erc.
I think that we will still be fine, even if this ever comes into play. The Big 12 north champ will be ranked, and that will help.
Also, this will not be a problem if USC loses, which they would have last saturday baring 4 interceptions in the second half by ASU. ND has a good chance to beat them.
I'm not worried about anything just yet. USC has Notre Dame after a bye week, UCLA and CAL still on their schedule. VA Tech still has a very capable Miami team that should also be undefeated. As this site likes to say "The games will take care of themselves." We just have to stay focused and take care of business.

The Big 12 North is weak, real weak. I doubt that any of them will be ranked, with CU being the one with an outside shot. Iowa State is not that good. We were all excited about their win vs. Iowa. But now Iowa doesn't look so solid. Nebraska is not good either. They should get smoked this weekend vs Tech after having to go to overtime at home last weekend. ESPN had an interesting stat the other day. No North team beat a South team last year if you don't include Baylor. This past weekend more of the same. UT beat Missouri, Tech beat Kansas, and OU beat Kansas State. If CU is to be ranked they will need to beat A&M this weekend. If we get Texas vs. CU on the same weekend we see FSU vs Va Tech with both undefeated, it will be tough to argue for a Texas Rose Bowl berth. That said, the games will hopefully take care of themselves. --AW--
Big-time BCS trouble for Texas because the computers don't like Texas, you'll have to pray for Mack Brown to get on his knees again and beg the voters. By the way, USC won't lose and neither will Virginia Tech. For now, concentrate on not being owned again by Oklahoma.
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