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Monday, October 3


ATL Top 25

1. Texas
2. Southern Cal
3. Virginia Tech
4. Georgia
5. Florida State
6. Alabama
7. Ohio State
8. Tennessee
9. California
10. Miami
11. LSU
12. Notre Dame
13. Florida
14. UCLA
15. Wisconsin
16. Texas Tech
17. Michigan State
18. Boston College
19. Louisville
20. Georgia Tech
21. Auburn
22. Penn State
23. Arizona State
24. Nebraska
25. Michigan

118. Texas A&M
119. Baylor

This ballot is the official entry of ATL in the Blog Poll Top 25, which you can find here.

You left a few out ... let me help ...

112. Missouri
113. Iowa State
114. Army
115. Oklahoma St.
116. Rice
117. UL-Lafayette
118. Texas A&M
119. Baylor
dude,USC will destroy Texas. Vince Young can't throw and is VERY beatable. Plus, Texas squeaked by Ohio State, who struggled offensively. Texas has never seen an offensive machine that we call USC. Don't let longhorn pride step in front of your brain.
A win over Ohio State on the road is more valuable than a win on the road over Arizona State. When USC starts roaring for two halves, or if Texas stumbles against an inferior team, we'll reconsider. Until then, we stand by this ranking. USC can start by taking care of business at Notre Dame.
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