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Friday, September 30


It's in the game

The Daily Texan has a fun little story about players on the UT team playing as their virtual counterparts in NCAA Football 06.

This is not new, of course. A few years ago, former Texas wide receiver Roy Williams told me that after he made a catch in a real game he “thought about hitting triangle” to avoid being tackled.

Of course, in PS2 speak, hitting the triangle button means hurdle/jump when the defender dives at your feet. I knew what he meant, but I doubt many of the other (older) reporters there did. Seriously, he said that. Roy was as funny/weird as he was talented.

Be sure to read this story all the way to the end, where you’ll get this fantastic quote from Justin Blalock about whether the Mack Brown also plays the game:

"I'm not sure that he's aware they've gotten past Atari," Blalock said.


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