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Thursday, September 29


A Chance Return

For all the haters of former Longhorn quarterbacks, here is Chance Mock updated. According to the Statesman Mock has signed to play Arena League Football. Any guess where? Yep, that’s right, Mock is the newest member of the Austin Wranglers. Mock may feel more at home at the Erwin Center than he did the last couple of years at DKR. Although VY has been the talk of most UT fans for some time now, Mock did have impressive stats from his days on the 40 Acres: 17 TDs and only 2 INTs. Chance will be best remember for leading Texas on an 86 yard game winning drive at home against Texas Tech two years ago. ATL wishes him the best of luck. Also on the roster is former Longhorn Defensive End, Aaron Humphrey.

Gotta love crazy A-Hump. He threatened to kill Cade McNown before the Texas-UCLA game in 1998. (He actually said McNown was "a dead man" if A-Hump got his hands on him.)
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