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Wednesday, September 28


Bombs Away?

Of course, coachspeak by nature is often meant to throw off opponents, so take this with a grain of salt.

But, Mack Brown says
Texas is about to open up the passing game:

‘The thing we can do is try to be us. In two of the first three games we didn't need to throw the ball. The rest of the year we're going to need to throw the ball and be really balanced in what we do. If people stack the line of scrimmage and try and take away our run, we feel like we're good enough now to throw the ball downfield. I think you'll see us throwing it much more in the last eight games than we did in the first three.”

This should really help Vince Young keep pace with the USC boys in the race for the Heisman. (I am not going to say their names anymore because they get enough pub as it is.)


I can't wait to see Vince put it up for Sweed and Co. His arm is getting no pub at all because of his feet and lack of necessity to use his arm (other than the OSU game he has played 2 series after halftime). I see a big game for Vince and not just with his feet. BTW, GIVE CHARLES THE START!!
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