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Tuesday, September 27


Injury Update

Mack Brown said on Monday that Selvin Young will go through practice this week in anticipation of playing this Saturday. And according to the Statesman, Young is still listed at the top of the depth chart. Interesting. The thinking here is Jamaal Charles has more than earned the starting job, hurt or healthy Selvin Young. I’m guessing Charles starts and Mack works in Young for a series or two at the most. Mack also said that redshirt freshman wideout Jordan Shipley is still hampered by a hamstring injury and is unlikely to play this week. The injury report for Shipley is beginning to sound like former UT basketball player Chris Wright, who just never seemed to get over his knee injuries. Also, for those of you not in Austin, the weather has been unbelievably hot. It was 107 both Sunday and Monday. They are predicting at least one more 100+ degree day. Mack commented that his players would likely enjoy a 70 degree day with 20+ mile an hour winds in Columbia.

I think one of the reasons Mack's players always stay for their senior years is because he is so loyal to them (Major Applewhite excluded). I think Mack subscribes to the theory that you can't lose your job to due injury, and it's arguable that Selvin's performance has been limited this season because of injury.

Of course, I wholeheartedly disagree, but I'm not Mack. I'd always give the tie to the younger player because I think there's more upside in that approach. But Mack's Mack, and you can't argue with never losing a guy early to the pros since coming to Texas. (The only exception is Kwame Cavil, but I think we all know what that was really about.)

I think Mack starts Selvin until it becomes a problem for Texas. It really doesn’t matter, because Charles will get his touches. Remember, Cedric Benson did not start until after Texas lost to OU his freshman year in 2001. Remember Ivan Williams (the original tank) and Victor Ike? Selvin Young will soon join them as a veteran who loses his job to a freshman, but not just yet.
The stupidity in that, obviously, is that it's TOO LATE to wait until somebody blows it and loses their job. Seriously, Selvin Young just about gave the game to Ohio State before he (mercifully) headed to the sidelines to tend to his ankle. His running was atrocious and he put the ball on the ground (something he's done since he got to Texas). I'll say this one last time: if Selvin Young is our feature back in a tight game, Mack Brown should be drug tested. And then fired on the spot.
I agree, but you have to remember Mack sticks with his guys through thick and thin.

He didn't pull Simms even after his 4th turnover in the first half against Colorado in the 2001 Big 12 title game. It took Simms "injuring" a finger for Applewhite to finally come off the bench. Those of you who were there will remember because the boos that rained down when Simms returned to the huddle down 29-10 could be heard in the heavens through the hole in the roof at Texas Stadium.

Just to play devil's advocate: What if Selvin is healthy this week and he does great against Missouri? Do you think he should start next week against OU?
Not a chance. There's nothing Selvin could do, short of miraculously becoming as good as Jamaal Charles, that should earn him a starting job. Selvin shouldn't be the starter - not even nominally. If Charles is your best guy, start him.

I admire Mack Brown's loyalty, but there have to be limits. Especially with this much on the line. If we're a one or two loss team, and we're just playing for bowl seeding, fine. It's not the end of the world. But this team is still in the national title hunt. I'd hate for something like blind loyalty to get in the way for what's best for the team.
I understand that you do not lose your job to injury and keeping players into their seinor year with loyalty, but the thing is that Selvin did not lose his job to injury, he lost it because he has looked bad, an ankle injury does not make you more fumble prone. What has he been doing in pratice that has not translated to the games that keeps him the starter in Mac's eyes. Did we not see this in August.
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