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Monday, September 26


Name contest

We are pleased to report that All Things Longhorn has been steadily growing in both content and readership over the past few months. We’re getting about 100 unique visitors per day to the site, and we peaked at about 500 per day when we were a featured link on Sports Illustrated’s On Campus page last week. Thanks to everyone who has been coming to the blog—especially those of you who have been participating with comments on the discussion board.

The increased growth has also led to an invitation to join the SportsBlog Nation family of sports blogs, an invitation we are accepting. Sometime in the next month or two, we’ll be migrating over to their network. For an example of how the site will look, check out either
Athletics Nation or McCovey Chronicles. We think you’ll like the new format. Registered users will have the opportunity to post their own diaries and interact with the site in ways currently prohibited by the present format.

The move will also require a switch in the name of the blog, as SBN has advised us to choose something without “Texas,” “Horns,” or “Longhorns” in the title, to avoid potential legal complications. So, we need your help. Send in potential names for the new, super-charged ATL. Entries need to be free of the banned words above. We’re going to be sending our 10 favorite names to SBN, and they’ll be choosing the one they like best. If your name is picked for the title of the new site, you’ll win a t-shirt from the Co-Op. So help us out and post your suggested names for the new site.

We’ll keep you updated on the migration to SBN. There are still plenty of logistical hurdles to clear before we make the switch, so continue to check in to this address for continued Longhorn coverage.

how about..
Burnt Orange Observer?
Orange Blood Lines?

How about "The Chris-Simms-Will-Always-Blow Times"?
sorry, i just posted, but somebody here is named Andrew Wiggins? That's pretty cool, because I'm a giant closet nerd who enjoys Ender's Game novels. for the love, ender, if you understand what i'm talking about, hit me back up at my blog. if not, i apologize for my crazy nerdiness.
40 acres
Bevo Nation
Burnt Orange News
Orange Tower of Power
The Eyes of Blogging is Upon You
There are endless possibilities.
What about bleed burnt orange?
Wiggo, it turns out that you are a god to nerds everywhere. What are you going to do with that kind of power?
Why cant you have Longhorns, but Athletics Nation is ok?
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