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Sunday, September 25


Around the Nation

This week’s notes from around the nation…

*You have to be impressed with what Charlie Weiss has done at Notre Dame thus far. Preseason predictions said the Irish would be lucky to go 7-5, but they’re 3-1, with the only loss coming in overtime to up and coming Michigan State. With the way their offense is chugging along, coupled with Weiss’s track record of success with New England in the pros, don’t be surprised when Notre Dame starts hauling in impressive offensive recruits in the near future. Not only is Notre Dame a program with intense national coverage, but players’ opportunity to be groomed in a complex NFL-style offense will help them in their quest to get drafted in the NFL. If Notre Dame were a long-term stock, they’d be a big time BUY. That said, I still hate ‘em.

*Iowa State made some noise by upsetting Iowa on the road two weeks ago, entering the Top 25 and giving some much needed cred to the Big 12. Unfortunately, they gave up a lot of that ground this week, eeking out an unimpressive win over Army, while Iowa got trounced at Ohio State. The Big 12’s reputation is in trouble. Colorado didn’t help the league by getting smothered in Miami. I’ve been preaching patience on the Big 12’s reputation all year, but as nonconference play wraps up, things aren’t looking great. Texas can no longer afford a conference loss and hope to play in Pasadena. They’ll need to run the table and win convincingly most times.

*Speaking of Texas, the Horns are 3-0 against the spread for the first time in a while, for those of you who enjoy betting. Their games have all gone OVER on the over/under lines, as well. That’s a product of an overestimation and an underestimation. Oddsmakers have overestimated the loss of Cedric Benson and underestimated Jamaal Charles. Not that you’d blame them, but make no mistake about it—Texas can run the ball as well as ever.

*USC may get its final test next week as it plays Arizona State, a team loaded with offense. It’s become increasingly clear that you aren’t going to stop Leinart & Co. from scoring, so the best bet to give USC a match is to put up a lot of points on your own. Oregon didn’t have the firepower to do it, but Arizona State might. The way the USC offense is rolling, though, they’ll need to put up 45+. Doesn’t sound too likely, does it?

*The Big East will, once again, put a pock mark on the BCS, as their BCS bowl representative will likely be undeserving, much the way 23rd ranked Pittsburgh was two years ago. After Louisville got manhandled by South Florida on Saturday, the chances of a respectable Big East champion grew very slim. At least this settles any potential false debate about whether Louisville deserves a shot to play for the title.

*Minnesota has quietly put together a nice little team, led by the nation’s top rusher, Laurence Maroney, the best runner you’ve never heard of. Minnesota knocked off Purdue in overtime to move to 3-0. They won’t win the Big 10, but they’ve got a solid offense behind Maroney. In fact, there’s a lot of parity in the Big 10 this year, as the Gophers, Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Purdue all field solid teams. For Texas fans, though, it’s all about Ohio State—they’ll need the Buckeyes to run the table in the Big 10 for the Horns’ victory in Columbus to hold weight.

*Is it time to fire Lloyd Carr? If I were a Michigan fan, I’d be calling for his head. The program seems to have stalled. The talent is there, but they’re not winning like they should be. If Carr falls on his face this year, this could be the end. If not, the pressure will be tremendous next year. No doubt about it: he’s on the hot seat.

*I refuse to drink the Virginia Tech Kool-Aid. Yes, they have a good defense and an exciting young quarterback. But let’s tone down the praise, folks. Their only good win is at home versus Georgia Tech. Beat Miami and Florida State and we’ll talk. Marcus Vick will lose them a game before the year is over. Count on it.

The ACC has still not impressed me yet. I watched the whole Miami game at my house, a sad state of affairs for three Colorado alumni. Miami never looked dominating, they just seemed to have a read on all of Colorado’s pass plays. Colorado’s defense, which if you are a Colorado fan you understand that over the past three years you have been conditioned to scream oh shit when a deep pass is thrown against them, managed to hold Miami to field goals multiple times when the offence gave up the ball on their 40. Wiggo, you may now precede to tell me why I am completely wrong. As for VA Tech, they are very good, but still will need some impressive victories to jump Texas. We shall see about LSU tomorrow.

Thanks for the invitation. I will take it with caution. First, I wasn't able to see the game, ACL festival instead. I did read the post game and look at the stats and tv wrapups. It sounds like Colorado held their own but made couple of turnovers which killed them. Miami's defense is for real. Their offense is still developing.

I am not the first to figure this out: Miami will not be playing in the Rose Bowl and will be lucky to play in a BCS game. Va Tech on the other hand is probably for real. They have an awesome defense and a productive enough offense. Bean isn't sold on Vick yet and neither am I. However, he may not have to win games by himself if their defense and special teams continue to outscore opponents.

I am totally sold on the ACC. They have three top tier teams, Va Tech, FSU, and Miami. The Big 12 has one. The ACC championship will likely be FSU and VA Tech. Both teams could enter the game undefeated if FSU can get by Florida at the end of the year and the Hokies can beat Boston College and Miami at home. The winner of that game, if both are undefeated could easily leapfrog the Horns even if we are still undefeated. Imagine 11-0 teams battling for a shot at Pasadena followed by 11-0 Texas vs. 7-4 Colorado. It could happen.

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