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Thursday, September 22


Sooners is just too P.C.

The Big 12 already has the Red Raiders. I propose we make things more interesting, get rid of the all-too-politically correct term "Sooner" and call 'em what they are. How about the Illegal Land Raiders? That has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Reason #6,311 why Oklahoma is the worst university in the country. Even their surname is a travesty.

Propose your own nicknames for our beloved neighbors to the north. The Indian Slaughtering Machines? Inbred Illiterates?

This post inspired by five straight losses to Oklahoma. All anger provoked by this writing should be directed to its proper source: Mack Brown. Or Chris Simms. You choose.

i choose chris simms. sometimes mack wins a good one (Michigan and Ohio State) but for the love, chris simms, win SOMETHING. his only big games were OU games and THE colorado game. and maybe we can even count that holiday bowl. i forget, how'd those turn out?
I would go with the very simple "Cheaters," since that is what they essentially are. I do like the sound of "Indian Slaughtering Machine," since I'm Indian, but calling them a "machine" sounds too complimentary. Another good choice would be to use a term which basically shows that they bend people over, since they did that to the Native Americans (and the Longhorns the last few years), although "Sodomites" doesn't sound quite right.
How about what they really are? The Oklahoma "Worthless Assholes!!"
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