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Tuesday, September 20


The Final Word: LSU sucks

We Horns fans may be getting ahead of ourselves with all this BCS talk, but Holt is correct, it's just intelligent banter among crazed sports fans. Lots of good points made all around, save the prediction that LSU would beat Tennessee by 24 points. I think we're more likely to see New Orleans rebuilt in a week than LSU beat Tennessee by more than three touchdowns. Oh, and I hope Ryan Perilloux breaks his leg in practice. What a punk.

Lastly, don't forget to fill in your College Pick 'Em entries for this week.

LOL. As you can probably tell by my blogtime, i am currently unemployed. Also I can never remember my damn password to log on as a blogger, and the signup process is painful.
Anywho, two things: I missed your grading of the rice game. I hadn't read it before I posted my comments. Secondly, if you could post a link to the college football pick'em page that would be great. I couldn't find it last week, so i didn't get my picks in . LSU SUCKS!
Nice Holt, use hornsblog for a therapy session.
I guess my blogtime is because I work for the Government.
I work for the state. Surprise, surprise.
Your tax dollars at work.
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