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Monday, September 19


Young the early Heisman favorite?

Vince Young is doing well in early season Heisman perceptions. An ESPN poll has Young capturing 37% of respondents, with USC’s Matt Leinert second at 21%. The explanation is twofold. First, Young shined in the biggest game of the year to date, leading Texas to a difficult road win on national TV. Second, the USC offensive juggernaut of Leinert-Bush is splitting votes. Leinert, Young, and Bush will have plenty of opportunities to win (or lose) the award between now and December. But it’s clear that it’s a three horse race right now, with Florida’s Chris Leak and a few other darkhorses lurking on the outside.

Do you guys think that the USC guys are hampered at all by playing so much later at night in relation to the east coast observers, or does the USC name recognition in effect cancel that out?
It used to hurt them, way back when they lost a game or two. Now they're a national story, no matter the time of kickoff. They won't get snubbed for playing late. They could, potentially, get snubbed, because people like change. Any slip up on their part will be magnified because of the sky-high expectations.
Was that vote before or after USC scored on every position of the first half except when they ran out of time. Being the homer that I am I would never trade Leinert for Young, but if the voting was held today, I don't see Vince taking it.
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