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Thursday, September 15


Say it ain't so

Loyal reader Michael Holt pointed out that Mack Brown was planning to start Selvin Young versus Rice this week. This Daily Texan article says Jamaal Charles may get the start because Selvin Young is a “game-time decision.” Presumably, it’s his ankle that’s in question.

This is ridiculous. If Young’s ankle really is a game-time decision, he isn’t going to be 100% healthy. So, even if he were the best option at tailback (he’s not), wouldn’t it make sense to rest him against a team we’re going to beat by 30 points? Ankle injuries are notoriously difficult to recover from, and a week of rest would do wonders for him.

Of course, that’s all beside the point. Selvin Young has no business starting. He’s fumble prone, he’s not hitting holes very well, and Jamaal Charles is just plain better. Charles is faster, more athletic, he is a better receiving tailback, and he has no trouble picking up blocks, the one area you worry about with freshmen. This may all be a bunch of spin from Mack Brown and his staff, and there’s no way to know for sure, but I sure as hell hope that the running back job is a meritocracy this year. If so, we’ll be seeing plenty of Jamaal Charles on the field, and Selvin Young where he belongs—on the bench.

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