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Monday, September 12


The ATL Top 25

1. Texas
2. USC
3. Tennessee
4. Florida
5. LSU
6. Georgia
7. Notre Dame
8. Florida State
9. Virginia Tech
10. Ohio State
11. Louisville
12. Purdue
13. California
14. Michigan
15. Boston College
16. Oregon
17. Minnesota
18. Miami-FL
19. Fresno State
20. Iowa State
21. Texas Tech
22. Iowa
23. Georgia Tech
24. Oklahoma
25. Clemson

This ballot is part of the Blog Poll Top 25, which is being run on this website.

The poll is supposed to be about what happens on the field in 2005, right? Well then:

1. Texas
2. Notre Dame
3. LSU
4. USC
5. Florida

No one can match Texas' win over Ohio State. That settles #1.

Notre Dame just won back-to-back road games against two teams that were in the BCS last year. I don't care where they started, they're #2 in my book. If/when they lose, they'll drop.

LSU had a hell of a win against a ranked team from a major conference on the road. Sound familiar? #3. (FYI: I am not going to give them any points for hurricane-related stress, although I am sure that does make it harder for them to do be successful on the field. I just don't think that should be used as a poll tiebreaker against another top team.)

The rest becomes a beauty pageant.

USC won it all last year, so they can be #4. If/when they beat some good teams, I'll move them up higher. This isn't boxing, so there isn't a champ. This year, everyone starts equal.

Urban Mayer looks like he's kicking ass (so far) at Florida, and considering it's been a while since he's lost a game, I'll let the Gators round out the top five.

OU should not be in the poll. They lost to a mediocre TCU team at home (SMU proved that) and damn near lost to Tulsa. What have they done to prove they deserve any votes? I'd say any team that has won a road game anywhere has shown me more that OU has in two games.
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