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Sunday, September 11



I can't wait to write about this one!!!

Too many heros to mention right now, though we'll certainly cover them all in the next few days.

As exciting a win as we've ever had in my lifetime. The game winning touchdown pass to Limas Sweed is right up there with Dusty Mangum's kick to beat Michigan, Stoney Case's stuff to beat Oklahoma, James Brown's 4th down pass to beat Nebraska, and Peter Gardere's pass to beat Arkansas.

This game lived up to all the hype, and we can all count ourselves blessed to be on the winning side of this one. It would have been a great game had we lost, and nothing to be ashamed of, but to be a victor tonight is as good a feeling as there is.

We've now won our last two Big Games, after disappointment after disappointment. It kind of makes you think that Vince Young, and not the coaches, deserves most of the credit. Nah... It's not quite that simple. I've got some damn good things to say about Gene Chizik and ouR defense. See you Monday Horns fans... Enjoy this one.

P.S. Note to Selvin Young: think about transferring. The brief and terrifying Selvin Young Era is officially over.

Good win for the Longhorns and the Big 12. The Big 10 really took it on the chin yesterday from the Big 12 (Texas/OSU, Iowa State/Iowa). Congrats, enjoy your victory, I think many more are to come.
Stonie Clark.
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