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Friday, September 9


ESPN Poll Favoring Ohio State

Fans across the nation are voting in an ESPN poll on the big game. As of now, roughly 60% of respondents are picking Ohio State to win the game. When asked if the game were played on a neutral site, or in Austin, respondents favored Texas. This seems fair. We’re already on record as saying we think the Horns are going to pull it out, but we won’t be surprised if Ohio State holds serve at home. You can vote in the ESPN poll here. After you vote, you’ll be able to see the results.

Other poll questions revealed that respondents think: Texas has the better offense, Ohio State has the better defense, and Vince Young is the star most likely to leave the biggest mark on the game. I’d agree with all of that. Maybe people aren’t so dumb after all…

Yeah, but what do a bunch of nerds that vote in ESPN polls know?

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