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Wednesday, September 7


ESPN Gameday Crew chimes in

Last Saturday during a live chat, the ESPN Gameday crew fielded questions about the upcoming Texas-Ohio State game. Here's what was said:

Josh (Houston, TX): Looking forward to my trip to the Texas/OSU game next week -- Other than OSU stopping Vince Young and Texas stopping Ginn Jr., what do you see as the critical factor for each team to win that game?

Pat Forde (ESPN): Josh: I'm looking forward to it, too. One of the most enticing nonconference games ever. I think the key will be which team can crank up its running game -- not necessarily breaking the big runs, but getting the tough three or four yards when you need them. Texas needs to show it can replace Cedric Benson, and Ohio State needs to prove it has a power running game that was absent much of 2004.

Brian (Columbus, Ohio): It seems to me Ohio State is finally back into near-championship form. But are they good enough to beat Texas?

Pat Forde (ESPN): Finally back? That three-year wait is tough, huh? Yes, they are definitely good enough to beat Texas. Vince Young will see a much different defense in Columbus than the one he saw against Michigan in the Rose Bowl. It's awful tough to beat the Buckeyes at night in the Horseshoe.

ronnie (canyon lake, texas): Chris, I love ya'lls gameday show...what are your views on Ohio State-Horns??

Chris Fowler: My first view is that the scene will be incredible. All the history. Archie Griffin and Earl Campbell. Justin Zwick played so well today that there could be a controversy with Troy Smith returning. It looked like the Buckeyes used Ginn as more of a decoy this week.

No comment from Trev?

Must be too busy filing for unemployment.
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