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Tuesday, September 6


The ATL Top 25

1. USC
2. Michigan
3. Texas
4. Tennessee
5. LSU
6. Florida
7. Ohio State
8. Georgia
9. Iowa
10. Florida State
11. Louisville
12. Va Tech
13. Purdue
14. Notre Dame
15. Arizona State
16. Cal
17. Oregon
18. Boston College
19. Minnesota
20. Miami
21. Oklahoma
22. Fresno State

23. Texas Tech
24. TCU
25. Georgia Tech

it is pretty glaring that Texas Tech is 22 and 23. i would also note that although unfortunate for Texas schedule strength, OU doesn't belong in the top 25. what have they done this year to warrant that? it was a home loss to a team that went 5-6 last year. in the word's of Gob Bluth -"Come On!"
personally i was rooting for the horned frogs. at least we know for sure that OU can't lay claim to beating every team from Texas it played this year.
does anyone know windler's email address. -Holt
Iowa won't drop out of the top 25 til after ISU beats them. :)
I am curious as to why you only had Va Tech move up 2 spots but you had FSU move up 9?

Also, when Texas beats OSU this weekend, are you going to move them into the #2 spot? :)
p.s. Wake rolls nebraska this week.

or not.
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